Fall Tunic Outfit // High Hopes Low Expectations








I told you I have been loving this cardigan! It is just so comfortable, flattering, and I don’t know, but I just love it so much and have worn it more than anything else! Since the tunic I paired it with was a bit more plain and it was chilly outside, I decided to put this scarf on and instantly fell in love with the outfit as a whole! This is one of my favorite fall scarves and it has some sentimental memories attached to it as well. And, these boots! I have been looking/wanting them for a long time and finally found somewhere where I was able to purchase them for a price that fit into my budget. They were worth the hassle I had to go through to get them! (I got the wrong size and had to exchange them) My sister had a pair like them and I had to borrow hers on several occasions. I got them because they are a great boot height/look to go with my high-waisted midi skirts. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to find a shoe that goes with them. Aside from my Oxfords which have a heel, and I can’t always wear a heel(as much as I would love to) So I look forward to wearing these boots a lot this winter.

As you know I have been participating in NaNoWriMo to a certain extent this November. I am really pleased with the results, but I wanted to clarify something and explain why I won’t be reaching all of my goals this November. You can read my post here, but I had planned to finish work on the serial I have been working so hard on for the blog, AS WELL as write a YA novel I have the outline for. But, those goals didn’t come to fruition, and I can tell you, now that we are about halfway through the month, that priorities have changed.

I was listening to a podcast recently where a music artist was interviewed. He said something that really resonated with me and I realized that it was something that I also applied to my life without even realizing it. I have High Hopes, and Low Expectations. And what that meant to me, is that I set goals for myself. I shoot for the sky and try my darndest to get there. But I also have Low expectations. And what that means is that I give myself the grace to be okay if I don’t reach those goals. It’s okay that my hopes didn’t come to fruition, because I know that life sometimes gets in the way, God guides in a different path, and it wasn’t for me at the time.

It is great to set goals. It helps me, because I have a hard time being motivated if I don’t. But those goals need to be fluid. I need to be okay if I have to babysit siblings instead of write, or help out with teaching school instead of doing what I want to do. And, I hate to break it to you, but perfection is impossible. No one on earth can ever be perfect. Only God has that ability. It’s what makes Him God. So we can’t expect ourselves to be perfect or to hit perfection every time. God gives graces and we should give that grace to ourselves. Now, that doesn’t mean don’t try. “Work heartily unto the Lord and with your whole soul.” We need to work as if we are working for Christ ya’ll! The highest of all kings! But if our goals, or our ambitions aren’t reached, we need to be okay and not let ourselves get depressed.

I’ll be done ranting now and I hope that made some sense! LOL!

But all that being said, I am realizing that I have a hard time estimating how long things are going to take. So I over shot myself in the goal department this month and I am okay with that. I won’t finish everything I had thought I could. Low expectations. Smile But I am also realizing that my next project (which is a huge undertaking) is going to take me longer than I thought it will, so I really need to get cracking on it! I am so excited I can’t hardly contain it!


Tunic: Gordmans $7

Cardigan; Thrifted $4

Jeans: Old Navy on clearance $5

Scarf: gift

Boots: JustFab here $20

What do you think of High Hopes, Low expectations?

By God’s Grace,


4 thoughts on “Fall Tunic Outfit // High Hopes Low Expectations

  1. I usually have high hopes and low expectations. I think it is because I am afraid of being disappointed. As far as your outfit goes,I love that cardigan. I love the price even more! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That is such a good thought! I definitely needed to read that because I’m a perfectionist lol I don’t always know how to draw the line between trying my hardest, but also being okay when I’m not able to achieve what I set out to. Especially when it comes to piano! I need to remember that it’s good to set goals for a certain amount of time of practice for my week. But, I have to remember that sometimes, things will come up and I won’t be able to reach that!


    • I am so glad you liked the post Elizabeth! It is so funny that you mentioned piano, because my piano teacher just gave me a pep talk about shooting for our best but know that we’ll make mistakes and being ready for those mistakes instead of frustrated that they happened at all. Because none of us can do it perfectly. It is impossible! Anther thing that helps me is the verse, “man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps.” God may change our plans, and that’s okay. Thank you for the comment! Blessings!


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