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As I sit back and reflect while doing the dishes of all things, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed and tears fill my eyes so I can hardly see. I have seen and felt so much. So much of it I am not sure I ever want to experience again, but all I can say while tightening my jaw to keep the sobs away is, “Thank you Lord.”

I have witnessed such pain and loss on such a close level that at times, I felt like there was a hurricane of chaos and darkness swirling all around, and all I could do was watch with a breaking heart.Read More »

BOUND: Chapter 5 by Victoria Lynn

bound train

Chapter 5:

“For those who understand, no explanation is needed. . .” unknown


“What’s wrong?” The man’s face turned suddenly serious and his spine straightened, obviously concerned.

“It’s my . . .” Levi hesitated. What did he call Casey? Maybe . . . “It’s my sister. She’s sick. We bedded down in a grove of pine trees up the road. She can’t walk. I don’t know what to do.” Levi still dragged in air and suddenly feeling lightheaded, he rested his hands on his knees.

“Well, come on in, let me tell my wife, and I’ll see what I can do.” He grasped Levi’s elbow and pulled him into the house. When the man disappeared up the steps, Levi waited in the entryway. To his eyes, the house was beautiful. There wasn’t anything about it that looked rich, but yet it looked like a home, and a comfortable one at that. Nothing like his home had been; always a mess no matter how hard his mom tried to keep it cleaned up. He was finally starting to catch his breath when the man of the house clumped back down the stairs in his work boots followed by his wife who was fussing with her frizzy brown hair that was tinged with silver and doing its best to fly out of the bun. They must have just woken up.Read More »

Minimal Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial

BeFunky Collage

Welcome to a tutorial on my favorite way to do my makeup for he holidays! I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I like my own skin, so I don’t need to put a ton of foundation or anything on top. My main focus is my eyes and I do a soft, red lipgloss for some extra glamour. I also want to keep it subtle with my eyes, so I don’t go crazy on the shadow. Just enough to feel glittery for the holidays! Lets get into it!Read More »

Christmas Spirit. . .

I wanted to give you a little taste of what I have been working on lately. To be honest, I am actually not feeling my usually SUPER CHRISTMASY self. For some reason I haven’t been jamming to the usual amount of Christmas music, or been wrapped up in super fun Christmas stuff all that much. That is, until this week. I know, a little late. Most people are like, “psh, I got my Christmas shopping done weeks ago!” *flips hair* I am one of those people who waits till literally the last minute. *shrugs* Yeah, not super convenient. LOL! Our family celebrates Christmas a little different than the average person, but we do have our fun traditions that we do! I am looking forward to the next few days of fun and then the parties! I am also excited to put together some outfits and makeup!

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BOUND: Chapter 4 by Victoria Lynn

bound train

Chapter 4:

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” ~Alexander Den Heijer


Casey bit her lip so hard she tasted the metallic taste of blood on her tongue. Her leg felt like it had been ripped open, and it was throbbing so hard. She could feel it through her whole body. She jolted when Levi pressed his hand to the wound. A small whimper made its way through her clenched teeth. Her vision felt all fuzzy around the edges as the only thing she seemed able to focus on was the pain.

“Shh, Casey, I’m so sorry . . .” Levi whispered in a panicked voice. She didn’t distinguish the rest of what he said, as her heart beat heavily in her ears. Don’t scream. Don’t scream, she mentally coached herself, squeezing her eyes shut. It hurt so bad.Read More »

Ruffles and Grace Last Minute Gifts!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I am running a last minute Christmas sale right now!

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20% off everything with the coupon code HOLIDAYS. Everything except made to order items guaranteed by Christmas if ordered by midnight December 22nd. Custom made gift certificate also available! Just comment or shoot me an email. If you leave me a message along with your purchase, I will even wrap it for you! Even if you don’t purchase from me, I would strongly encourage you to support any handmade business this holiday season! More »

Why I Write About Modesty

My friend Melani from the blog Reflections of the Heart shared this very awesome post on her blog and I just wanted to share it with you! It is so well written and some of my same thoughts exactly! She totally captured what my heart is as well. By God’s Grace, Victoria

I know, I just know, that a blog about clothes seems a little pointless to some people. I’ve had subtle hints, advice, and suggestions to change my blog up a little and post about something different.

Why do I write about modesty?
I was a competitive dancer and gymnast. My friends did not dress modestly, and honestly, I didn’t either. I didn’t give a second thought to what I wore. But through sports I have met plenty of preteen and teenage girls that didn’t think about it either. Very sweet girls, by the way. They just never learned that they are worth more than that. After all, that’s what stores sell. That’s what everyone else around them wears.

I write for the group of girls who ran around the hotel in a bikini. I write for the girl who showed up at the sleepover in booty shorts. I write for…

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