Feeling Blue Outfit and Reminisces


I have been meaning to do this post for a while, but it has been incredibly difficult forming what I want to say into words. I have even had a hard time letting myself feel the emotions because this ridiculously sentimental girl would dissolve into tears. Don’t freak out too much, it really isn’t that big of a deal. Or, at least, that is what everyone tells me.









So the news is that my two older brothers have bought a house and are moving out. To most people, this might not seem like a big deal, but I am struggling with it more than I would like to admit. My oldest brother moved out a good 10 years ago, so it has been a long time and I don’t really remember it all that well. But now, our family is very tight knit and close. We do a lot together and nearly every night, we are all around the dinner table. Essentially, this is the first time that some of the “olders” are flying the coop. And to be perfectly honest, I am not ready for it. Thankfully they are not moving far away, only five minutes down the road, and I suppose I should be grateful as it could be far worse. But as I said, I am sentimental and the idea of not being able to just find a brother and chat with them is throwing me for a loop. Also, since it is Christmas time, the realizations are more frequent. This is our last Christmas together as a group in the same house. Okay, now here come the tears.

The day after Christmas is moving day and that is coming closer and closer. I keep pushing it aside because I don’t want to think about it, but I am going to miss them. I am going to miss being able to run down to their room to ask them a question, or chat about our days or something funny that happened to them at work, or even chat about movies and music. I am going to miss hearing a song they are listening to that I like and running to ask them what it is. I am going to miss them just being here nearly every night. Fighting over how long each other takes to take a shower or brush their teeth. Arguing over the merits of screws versus nails. Talking with them and mom and dad before bed. Costco trips together. Listening to them talk “tech” at the dinner table and quoting Marvel movies together. I am going to miss them being here to fix anything that goes wrong with the tv or computer. They will no longer be a shout away.

The fact is, that I love my brothers. I am so thankful for them. For their unique hearts and their protectiveness. I am thankful for all the times they have driven me places or chaperoned me. I am thankful for all the arguments, talks and time we have spent together. I am thankful that they both love me and support me. And that I can take something to them and ask their opinion or advice. I am thankful for all their “Tech support” and help with projects that include the computer. I am thankful for all the dinner conversations, even when they were talking a different language we girls call “tech speak” Smile

While we are along the lines of being thankful, I am thankful that they are only moving 5 minutes away and that we will still see them all the time. I am thankful that they will still be around and their moving will really be relatively easy. It just feels like the first step of things changing now that we are adults. And I’m kind of not okay with it.

///Outfit Details///

~Plaid Tunic: Meijer $5

~ Jeans: thrifted $3

~Boots: Amazon several years ago. $25

~ Cardigan: handmedown

~ Ring: Cato’s $2

~Earrings: Claire’s

Have one (or more) of your siblings moved out? Are you close with your siblings?

By God’s Grace,


11 thoughts on “Feeling Blue Outfit and Reminisces

  1. Ohhh…Victoria…this is so hard…. My family is very close knit too, it’s just the six of us and I dread ‘losing’ one of my siblings… I’ll be praying for you and your family! ‘hug’


  2. I understand! (*sends you a giant bear hug*)

    About this time last year, our boarder (who’d lived with us for over a year, at the time, and had grown to be like a sister) started dating a guy who I knew almost zero about. It was sudden and surprising. Three months ago, she moved out, and last month, they got married. After spending so much time with her — her driving me places, staying up late together with *Lord of the Rings* marathons, having sleepovers, going on road trips, and binge-watching British dramas — it felt like she’d become a different person. She was married, now. And she was gone.

    It gets much easier over time, though. But I know what you mean about wishing they could be there for every Christmas. I definitely get missing the time you could spend with them. ❤

    I'm keeping you in my prayers as you go through this change, Victoria! And I hope the change becomes easier. ❤



  3. I know exactly how you feel. I, as the youngest of my family, have seen four of my five siblings leave to go to college. And only one is close enough to come home for a weekend. Whenever they leave after coming home, such as for Christmas, I feel the house is so empty. (which it is!) Plus, it seems that my brothers are quite similar to yours. Just today, my brother attempted to explain how people use imaginary numbers in real life. (he’s an engineer :P) About 99% of it went over my head. But, I still enjoyed it. Because that’s my brother. 🙂 My love language is quality time, so I always enjoy that sort of thing. 🙂 Therefore, I can totally relate. I will be praying for you!



  4. I actually really like all of this blue! It’s super cute! And awww, that is sad! It’s definitely a transition. My older brother and sister both moved out the same day, and then my younger brother moved out not long after, so I was the only “kid” at home for a while.(My little brother is back now) It was definitely a lot to get used to, things not being the same. But you will get used to it! I promise that it will get better 😉


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