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I was tagged by a new blog friend and I decided to jump on the opportunity! Yay! Thanks Allison! This was a blast!

1) What is something you loved to do when you were little? Um. . . like, read? LOL! No, but for entertainment, we would play outside and there would be some level of play acting. Settlers on the prairie, farmers, villains and princesses. You name it. Though I, my friends, was the master fort builder. Farm shanty? No problem. Wigwam out of willow branches? I’m on it. Hidden house underneath a pine tree? Got you covered!Read More »

BOUND Chapter 9 by Victoria Lynn

bound train

Chapter 9

“The worst feeling is feeling unwanted.” ~unknown


“No!” Casey felt the yell rip through her. She felt betrayed, angry to the core and scared to death.

“Casey honey, I know you don’t want to go home. . .” Miz Mariah started to come down the steps, but Casey interrupted her.

“No! you promised I could stay! You said I could live here with you!” She sobbed. “ I don’t want to go!” She turned and ran as fast as she could towards the barn. She could hide there. She heard the footsteps from behind her before she felt the arm go around her waist. She kicked and swung her arms. Her fist connected to something solid and she heard an “oomph!” Her knuckles hurt from the impact. Tears blinded her and she couldn’t catch a breath.Read More »

The “Big Things for God” Myth

the big things for god myth

I was reading a book recently. An enjoyable, lovely piece of fiction by Sharon Hinck. That is neither here, nor there, but I was confronted with the same Myth that has plagued me my whole life. And a myth which I believe plagues many people like me. Girls, boys, teenagers, men, women, adults and children alike, this myth has become a distraction and a tool of the enemy.

That myth that I am talking of is the “Big Things for God” Myth.Read More »

Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire

I have the honor today to share with you, my readers, a project that I am so in love with! A new friend of mine that I met through the blogosphere is publishing her first book! I had the pleasure of getting to help behind the scenes with the beta read and critique. After that process, I got a review copy and have just finished reading it for the second time if I include the beta read. OH MY GOODNESS FOLKS! I will save my review for later, but I am so proud of Abigayle and this wonderful book! I am here today to participate in her cover reveal! It is so pretty! I love love love it!!!!

Martin Hospitality Cover

You can check out her book on Goodreads here.

Her blog is Here.

And her announcement post is here.

By God’s Grace,


BOUND: Chapter 8 by Victoria Lynn

bound train

Chapter 8

“Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you though would never hurt you.” ~unknown


Casey and Levi went home with Miz Mariah and Mr. Abel. Levi felt shy around the couple in their own home and he knew Casey did too. She would watch, silent and solemn from the couch where she sat nearly all day with her leg on a pillow, and her bear, whom she had told him was named Mr. Fluffles. She was nervous and jumpy and he could tell that being laid up without the ability to move and run about made her even more so.Read More »