2016: Year in Review Blog Edition

Hello dear ones! I thought I would share with you all some of the stats from last year on my blog! It feels so weird now. Saying that. Last year. It seems crazy that 2016 is finally at a close and that 2017 is upon us! It felt odd to write in my diary the date and have it be 17 instead of 16.


Okay! So to start off, here are the most viewed posts of 2016! I find it hilarious that, with the exception of one, they all took place in the same few months!


#7 The Author! I created an author page where I can share with you all my works in progress, or even just my works! I am so happy and excited that those “In progress” projects are no longer in progress. Meaning. . . they are done, or close to it!

#6 ~ My 2016 Thanksgiving Outfit: This is actually one of my most favorite outfits in the whole wide world, and I found it cool that you gave it just as much love as I do! Seriously though, I have worn this combo a lot over the last few years.

#5 ~ Fall Outfit and Awkward Moments: This post was loads of fun! I still remember writing it! I was giggling to myself and trying to explain a very candid moment written in the most humorous way possible. Because, it was that. Humorous! Apparently, you thought so too!

#4 ~ Fall Fashion Inspiration Part 1: this one was a delight to put together. I mean, I got to browse Pinterest and classify it as “work”! lol! I love all the pretty pictures and this post continues to inspire my current wardrobe!

#3 ~ Introducing the Patsy Jean!: This post is so dear to my heart and it is number three of the whole year!!!! My dear Grandma and Nana are so special and inspiring to me that I was so honored to name my favorite and first dress style that I sell after them!

#2 ~ DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask: My guess at why this one was so big again this year, was because it really is so useful and a popular topic on the internet.

#1 ~ Faithful Merchant Giveaway! Again, this one doesn’t surprise me! This business has so much beauty to offer and I was so honored to partner with them for this giveaway! I love the necklace I bought from her and have another one for the new year on it’s way! Go show this family some love!


Wow! I had no idea people outside of America could view my things! That was a huge dose of humble pie! So hello to all you international readers! I would love it if you commented and told me where ya’ll are from!

#5 ~ Spain

#4 ~ Germany

#3 ~ Canada

#2 ~ United Kingdom

#1 ~ United States


Remember: January. This post and what it talks about is still so important to me. I find is so cool that for an entire year, I continued to meditate and cogitate on this principle. It still inspires and influences all that I do.

My First Quilt: This was a huge accomplishment and I was so proud of myself! I still use the quilt all the time!

This trio. . . Even When It Hurts, When All You Can Do Is Pray. . . ,and Learning to Trust in the Storm

For Such A Time As This. . .

What I Made: Formal Party Dresses


blog recap1

5 Fourth of July Outfits

Summer Blues

Olive Tunic

9 Days in Dresses

Black and Olive Classy Outfit


I also introduced the Writing Prompt Series, where, for as many weeks as I was able on Wednesday’s, I wrote a new prompt based off of a picture or a dialogue prompt. The rules were simple. It could be anything, but it had to be at least 100 words long. I am so proud of how many I did! 30! I feel like I grew so much as a writer and will definitely be doing it again at some point in the future!

Writing Prompts

I also met some amazing and fabulous people this year and to all of those new friends, Thank you so much for being you and for your friendship! Blessings!

What was your favorite Post from 2016?

Happy New Year! And I pray that God blesses each and every one of you and draws you closer to Him!

Here’s to 2017!!!!

By God’s Grace,


6 thoughts on “2016: Year in Review Blog Edition

  1. I honestly enjoy all your posts with great relish, but I have to say I have loved your story “Bound”, and am excited to read the rest. That series really sticks out when I think about your blog. I really liked your Black and Olive outfit, I still remember that post and how much I liked it. God Bless, and Happy New Year


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