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My first outfit post of the year! WOW! I wore this last year one one of the few, by-myself outings I have ever taken. Yep, you read that right. There is this thing in our house, where, when at all possible, we go out “two by two” as my Dad says. It is basically just for our protection and so there is always someone there with you. I went to see a play at the theatre with another homeschool family we are friends with after meeting my good friend for coffee first. It was actually kind of strange to be by myself and I felt the difference. There was just this slight uncomfortableness, knowing that I was the one responsible to watch my own back. I actually missed my sister or sisters and the ability to chat with them, or just know that they were there.

I had a blast though! It was so nice to see the play. It was Beauty and the Beast. One of my little friends was in it. Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, DO NOT get me started on the new one that is coming out! I absolutely cannot wait! The original is my favorite and I get chills, goosebumps, and want to start crying when I watch the trailer. Which is something I have done umpteen times.

Enough with that! I have been so busy and fun this week and I am excited to announce something HUGE tomorrow! you will not want to miss it! No joke, it is HUGE!


Top: modbod

Skirt: Amazon $13 here

Boots: Just Fab $20

Tights: Walmart

Jacket: Thred up $12

This outfit was perfect for doing lots of walking and I was super comfortable the whole time. The weight of this skirt is so lovely! And I love the colors.


Are you excited for the big announcement tomorrow? What about  Beauty and the Beast?

By God’s Grace,


24 thoughts on “Rusty Colors Outfit

  1. The outfit is adorable, Victoria!! I wouldn’t have thought of that combination but I really like it! That jacket almost looks like it has a military insignia / patch…is it a military jacket? I love the cut.

    So nice to hear that we’re not the only ones that do it. Our family – especially us girls – usually goes out ‘two by two’. Very wise.

    You are not strange and you are not alone!


  2. That outfit is darling! And you are so gorgeous!!

    *Beauty & the Beast*…!! I can’t wait to see it!! It’s coming out a week before my birthday, so maybe I’ll see it, then. (And I totally get what you mean about wanting to cry over it! I almost cried when I first saw it, too!) 🙂



  3. You’re so cute, always! You know, it’s funny you mention Beauty and the Beast! I saw it when I was really little, but didn’t remember much about it at all. So it came on a few weeks ago, and I watched it, and oh my goodness, loved it!! I bet seeing a play version of it was so fun!


  4. I thought I recognized your outfit…beautiful!

    I hope that you know you weren’t alone, we love you and have your back whenever you’re with us💞


  5. I love that gorgeous skirt. I never go out alone. One of my sisters are always with me. You can not be too careful these days.”I am a fan of “Beauty and the Beast”.


  6. Super cute outfit. I can’t wait for beauty and the beast to come out, I’ve always loved disney princess movies. Also, looking forward to the big announcement today☺☺☺☺☺


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