A Night At the Movies








I have been wanting to go out to see a particular movie for several weeks. Well, to be perfectly honest, I really wanted the chance to get out and dress up. It had pretty much been since Christmas. . . We all got sick and then helped renovate and move my brothers into their house. I go a little stir crazy, but I had PLENTY to keep me busy, so it was actually really great. It made me sit down and get work done instead of having to chase around. So, my younger brother after work went with me to see A Monster Calls.

The movie was very good! In Isaiah’s words, “it was a tear jerker, but for Victoria, it was weeping session.” He was right. The emotions in that movie were so raw and beautiful that I couldn’t help sobbing. My sweet brother had to go out and get napkins for me so that my nose would stop running! It was pretty ridiculous how much I was crying, but all I have to say is that it was a good thing the theatre was pretty much empty. That way I didn’t have to be weeping in sympathy next to a total stranger! Talk about awkward! But the filmmakers did an amazing job with the story. They handled it well but it was very emotional. The soundtrack was delicate and added so much to the story. And, sometimes the absence of the music made the story so much more impactful. When we got the end, there was that little bit of a twist that left me going “what? Oh WOW!”

When we were done I turned to Isaiah and asked him if I looked okay since I had been crying so hard. In typical boy fashion, he said, “yeah, you look fine,” with a shrug. Well, when I looked in a mirror, I looked like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. LOL! At least my eyes were fine! We were going to dinner afterwards because. . . Chik-fil-a has come to MICHIGAN! WOOT! Well, I mean, it isn’t THAT huge of a deal. But, when we got there, the line for the drive through was pathetically long. You would think Michiganders were Chik-fil-a deprived. Okay, well they are. Inside the building we could see TONS of people lined up. O_O I was like, “I like Chik-fil-a as much as the next person, but there is absolutely NO way at 7:30 at night that I am going to wait that long for food. No way no how.” So we went to Wendy’s! Open-mouthed smile

It was a very enjoyable evening. Isaiah was so sweet because he even let me drive! You would have to know our family to know that we all love to drive and giving that up is hard! It was a hilarious night because he was backseat driving the WHOLE time! I am a notoriously cautious driver and if that means I will wait an exponential amount of time to turn at an intersection, then that is what I am going to do. He kept giving me directions, then being wrong. He would say, “Oh, up here you are going to turn left,” but I was supposed to turn right and would have to readjust or turn around. Or he said, “here, do a u-turn”. “Are you sure?” I was confused. “Yeah, totally, you can turn there.” Halfway through the turn. . . me: “I don’t think so” him: “yeah, no, keep going straight” I probably looked like an idiot driving. And then, to cap it all off, when I was going to let him drive so I could eat my dinner, I pulled into a Burger King, but could not see the entrance very well because they didn’t have a sign there.  I pulled in realizing that I had just entered in the exit lane. There was someone sitting there in the parking lot facing us with their lights on and I have every belief that he thought I was some really ditzy driver. Which, maybe is kind of true? But there were no signs!!!! And it was dark. Cut me some slack okay? Pretty please?


Lace top: Thred Up

Black Skirt: E-shakti $30

Tights: $3

Cardigan: Thrifted $4

Belt: thrifted $1

Necklace: The faithful merchant featuring my word for the year.

Ring: Forever 21 $1

Earrings: vintage (old and I don’t know where for sure I got them)

Shoes: Amazon $25

Coat: Old Navy brand thrifted $8

Purse: Vintage COACH bag. (I call it “old faithful” because I have used it for forever and is my go to purse)

Have you see A Monster Calls? Can you relate to my escapade?

By God’s Grace,


8 thoughts on “A Night At the Movies

  1. I love Chick-fil-a! Well, mostly because it’s the only place I can eat besides in my own home because of peanut and soy allergies! And the only things I can have at Chick-fil-a are the waffle fries and a vanilla milkshake.
    I love your outfit! Thanks for a great post!
    – Megan Joy


  2. I love this second outfit! It’s so neat because I was just thinking to myself that I wonder if a cardigan will look good with my midi skirt, but I couldn’t picture it, and then I see this post! I’ll have to try it 😉 And haha! I have a friend in Michigan and that’s something we’ve talked about, how there are hardly any Chick Fil A’s up there! lol Glad you finally got one 🙂


    • I am glad Elizabeth! LOL! Yeah! Finally right? I don’t go out to eat much anyway, so it is definitely a bigger deal to some people. The place is swamped though! It is crazy! People have to wait for forever to get food which is saying a lot because I know that their service is really fast!


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