The “Big Things for God” Myth

the big things for god myth

I was reading a book recently. An enjoyable, lovely piece of fiction by Sharon Hinck. That is neither here, nor there, but I was confronted with the same Myth that has plagued me my whole life. And a myth which I believe plagues many people like me. Girls, boys, teenagers, men, women, adults and children alike, this myth has become a distraction and a tool of the enemy.

That myth that I am talking of is the “Big Things for God” Myth.

It says that we, as servants of God, need to do big things for God in order to serve Him properly. We need to make a lasting impact on the world for His name, and to do that, we have to go big places, do amazing things and become the next “Great Servant of God”.

Here is where that becomes a problem. Not all of us are called to go to Uganda and serve the widows and orphans. Not all of us are called to work at an inner city mission and spread the gospel and love of Jesus to those people. Not all of us are called to raise millions of dollars to send to third world countries. Not all of us are called to print billions of bibles and smuggled them into countries that deny their Creator.

Now, are any of these things bad?? Of COURSE NOT! I am still in awe and and honor those who serve God in this way. But my admonition is that not all of us are called to that.

Take me for example. I am a Christian, Homeschool graduate who loves God and seeks to serve Him in all that I do just as much as the next devoted Christian. I have read the stories of the missionary’s that God called to surrender their lives of comfort and go to those terrorist countries to spread the gospel or relieve the burden of the poor. I had huge dreams as a girl of being one of those people. One of those amazing people that served God in such a Big way. One of those people who did Big Things for God.

This is where we run into trouble. Because you see, now I feel like what I do on a daily basis is not good enough. That what I do to serve God and my family is really a waste of time and that I should be investing my time and service into a Big thing. That, now, because I haven’t ever taken a mission trip, or raised millions of dollars, that I am a failure. I have failed God. Now, nothing I could do at home, doing laundry, dishes, or even playing music at the local nursing home isn’t big enough.

NO! Sister, God calls us to different tasks! Right now, my task and “Big thing for God” is running laundry. Serving my family by helping with dinner, running errands, and helping to homeschool my younger siblings. And those are not small things. They are not unworthy things. They are NOT a failure! They are amazing tasks and things that God has for me. And when I do them as unto Him, serve Him in this way to the best of my ability, He is pleased with me.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Col. 3:23-24

Whatever we do, we can serve God. Whether it be in the jungles of Africa, or the bathroom of my house, scrubbing a toilet. Whether it be in an orphanage in Uganda, or cleaning out the refrigerator.

Don’t buy into this myth! What the enemy seeks to do is distract us from our true calling. He wants us to do a lousy job where we are because we are so caught up in how amazing it would be to Do a Big Thing for God. Don’t listen to that lie. You are valuable serving God’s kingdom RIGHT HERE.

Another point. If every Christian was a missionary or a public servant, where would all the mothers be? What would our houses, our local communities and Families look like? God can use you wherever you are. Just serve Him with your whole heart, and be content with where He has you. What you are doing. . . is a BIG thing. And God will honor you when you serve Him to the best of your abilities.

Have you struggled with the “Big Things For God” myth?

By God’s Grace,


11 thoughts on “The “Big Things for God” Myth

  1. I’ve heard this myth before….and more than once. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thank you for caring and sharing. This post encouraged me.

    Your friend,


  2. Great post, Victoria, and so encouraging! 🙂 I know it applies to a lot of people, and I identify with it as well – thank you for sharing!


  3. I agree! It was hard for me because I always had big dreams, and then got a chronic illness and became very ill. Now my everyday looks so ordinary and quite honestly….Boring! lol It can be so easy to feel that my life isn’t making a difference. I was encouraged by reading a devotional recently about not despising the “loaves and fishes”. Basically, wanting to do “big” things, that we’re not faithful in the little things! And we forget what God can do in and through us when we’re faithful to him in the small, ordinary things 🙂


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