Berry Colors and Plaid Tunic





Can you believe this weather? Usually this time of year there is several feet of snow on the ground and the pond is completely frozen over. It is usually so cold, you don’t want to go outside, even when you have to. Curled up by the fire is the thing. But not lately. It has been so warm that there has been hardly any snow. I was starting to get a little worried about the crops. When the weather doesn’t freeze hard enough or long enough during the winter here, the gardens and crops in the state have a hard time. When the ground freezes, it kills much of the vermin and diseases that can attack the plants. Ok, enough of an agricultural lesson, but let me tell you I am happy to report that we have had a cold snap!

I love this outfit. It is so comfy and perfect for running around and working, but yet it still feels classy and feminine. I love the colors. I had been ooh-ing and ah-ing over this necklace from Modcloth ever since it was first released last spring. But I couldn’t afford it. They were clearance-ing out last years things and I saw that it was on sale! I was so excited so I jumped on it. It arrived the day I was wearing this and I laughed out loud because it matched perfectly! So of course I wore it for the rest of the day. This is also on of my favorite sweaters because it is my favorite color. Burgundy/Berry colored. I have just been LOVING that color this fall and winter. These jeans were a bit pricy for me, but I have been thankful for them. They have lasted over a year, still look great, and they fit me perfectly, which is REALLY hard to find when it comes to jeans and me.


– Tunic Top – Meijer store. $5

– Sweater – Gap. On clearance $3

– Jeans – Old Navy Rockstar cut $32

– Cami – Forever 21 $1.99

Boots – Just Fab $20

Necklace – Modcloth $10


What is the weather like for you? Is it unusually warm?

By God’s Grace,


11 thoughts on “Berry Colors and Plaid Tunic

  1. Ooooh Victoria! I love your necklace! It’s so pretty and matches perfect with your outfit. The weather here is finally cold! 🙂



  2. Florida is never really cold, but right now we’re having a cold front, so its cold (although it would probably be dream weather if you love where it snows!) That cardigan is super cute!


  3. Hi Victoria!
    I love your boots! I have a pair similar to them and am wearing them more often now that my other pair of boots fell apart! My weather is odd this! Today there was a snow blizzard while the sun shown down!


  4. Oooh that outfit is adorable!! I love those colors, especially the blue ❤ And the necklace is beautiful! I might have to go and buy it if it's still available hehe 😛


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