Two-in-One Classy Outfit + My Birthday!

2 in one outfit

This past week it was my birthday! I had so many amazing things happen and so much sweet time spent with family! I prefer that to presents, so I was a blessed girl this week! This is the double outfit I word on my birthday!








I wanted something warm and casual to go to coffee and shopping with my sweet Mama. We got Starbucks and sat and talked for a little while. It was nice to be alone with her and have her ask me questions about my books and life that we are often to busy or distracted to focus on just each other. After that, we went shopping at Michaels. People. That. Store. Is. Amazing! I am in love. I walked around the store literally gasping and exclaiming over the beauty of everything! Swoon! We got some pretty treasures that were on sale and split some craft things. It was so nice! We literally loved so many of the same things and at one point, we were flipping through a paper pad and exclaiming over them. We said “ooh! That one is so cool!” at the exact same moment! We giggled, hugged and moved on to the next thing. It was a really special time. Smile I also wore this to our traditional lunch out with my Daddy. He takes us to the same restaurant. It is a local, family-owned sorta like a fast food restaurant, but better. He has taken us there ever since we were old enough to eat solid food. Open-mouthed smile He started with the oldest, and now it is tradition! We had a lovely time as well, talking, just the two of us. Which is hard to come by when I have 8 siblings!


Tunic: (gift) from Kohl’s. This top was hilarious! Apparently nobody liked them, because there was an ENTIRE rack of them at Kohls in the clearance! Like every color! This was my favorite, so I got it and I love it! It is warm, but not to heavy, and it is so classy! Another plus is that the turtleneck collar isn’t too tight and annoying.

Jacket: hand-me-down, Hollister brand. (this baby has been well- loved!)

Jeans: Old Navy $35 last year.

Boots: hand-me-down.

Necklace: The Faithful Merchant.






I wore this outfit out to dinner with my brothers! My big bros took me out to a special dinner! Wasn’t that so sweet of them!? Since they have moved out, it has been hard not getting to see them every day, so it was really nice to sit down with them, share a meal, and get to chat about adult things without all the other kiddos vying for their attention all at the same time! Even after we had finished dinner, we spent another 20 minutes or so chatting! And after dinner we went to Costco for a few items and to help one brother pick out new glasses. Then, on our way home, they let me run into Hobby Lobby for a few necessities I needed. Aren’t they the best? I love them boys!

I was late running out the door, so I needed a quick outfit change and this turned out so cute! I got quite a few compliments on my hat and outfit that night!

////Outfit No. 2 Details/////

Top: (same as above)

Skirt: E-shakti $30

Tights and boot socks: Walmart

Shoes: Amazon $25

Belt: Thrifted $1

Hat: Charming Charlies $10

Earrings: Antique

Bracelet: ummm. . . somewhere in Georgia?

Necklace (same as above)


That isn’t even all of the birthday surprises! I will post more about them later!

By God’s Grace,


P.S. In case you missed it, I am taking applicants for the London in the Dark Blog Tour! You can check it out here!

21 thoughts on “Two-in-One Classy Outfit + My Birthday!

  1. So glad you had a lovely birthday, and special time with your family! I enjoyed reading about it. 🙂 Happy birthday once again!

    And your two-in-one outfits are so fabulous, as always! 😉



  2. WAIT, what?!?!?!? What day was your birthday? Mine was Monday! I turned sixteen, and so far I don’t know anybody with the same birthday. 🙂
    Anyway, I love the outfits! Keep posting 🙂


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