Author-y Vlog and an Outfit

First of all. . . Here is a Part 1 of a Q&A vlog that I filmed! I put out a call for questions on Goodreads and I got some really great ones! I talk some about my writing of BOUND that you all have been reading over the last few months. Smile


This is the outfit I wore on one of my birthday dates! I went out to a special restaurant with my Mama and Daddy. I got to dress up which is always a fun thing for me as I don’t get to do it as often as I like. This dress is perfect for the season, wintry enough, but still very classy.

I had a marvelous time! It was such fun to have my parents all to myself! And that, I can assure you, does not happen often. There are always so many things going on with so many people in the family, so it was a rare and fabulous treat!

If it had been summer time, I probably would have opted for a more floral, summery dress, but it was winter so I went with this eggplant beauty which doesn’t get worn enough. I got it on clearance from E-shakti and I know from experience that their clothes are really pretty and well fitting. I did have to take this one in because it was a premade dress. Hence the clearance price. But it was worth it! The darts look like they were made into the dress! Which I am really happy about. It is hard to take a dress in without it being obvious that I fixed it. Smile I finished altering it and tried it. I twirled in the mirror and grinned with satisfaction at my sister who had helped zip me up. “It looks like a professional seamstress did it!” She gave me a raised eyebrow look of confusion and perhaps a little bit of a are-you-crazy and replied: “One did.” Sweet thing! I don’t know as I would call myself a professional, but she is right. I am a seamstress!

The cardigan that I wore was also kind of cool too! It was a hand-me-down from a friend and I don’t know why I kept it. It had beads in the shape of Palm trees sewed onto it. I hated the design because there was no way I was going to wear it as is. I must have seen some potential in it because I had the great idea to carefully snip all the threads holding the beads and take them off. Now, the cardigan is perfect! It is angora so it is super soft and pretty. Perfect for vintage-esq ensembles like this one.






Dress: Eshakti $25

Heels: Amazon $25

Angora Cardi: hand-me-down

Tights: walmart

Necklace: borrowed from my mom

Earrings: my favorite vintage ones.


I also got a couple of pictures with my sweet mama. Isn’t she gorgeous! I am so proud of her and proud to call her my Mama. She blesses me and is such an example of who I want to be when I “grow up” I love you Mama!


What did you think of the Q&A and the outfit? Are you excited for part 2 of the vlog?

By God’s Grace,


12 thoughts on “Author-y Vlog and an Outfit

  1. Me, me, me! ‘waves hand’ I’m excited about Part 2 of the vlog! ‘grins’

    Of course, you’re a professional seamstress, Victoria – your sewing is amazing!

    I really liked the pictures – two lovely ladies! You both look fabulous!

    I’m so glad you had a blessed and fun birthday, Victoria!

    BTW, those SHOES – I love ’em! Gimme a pair! JK…. 🙂 I tried searching on Amazon for something like them and I couldn’t seem to find anything . . .they’re so pretty! I see them a lot on your blog and they look so great with so many different outfits!


  2. Your outfit is BEAUTIFUL! And I love how you did your hair–could you maybe do a tutorial as to how you got it like that? 🙂
    The vlog is great, can’t wait for part two! 😀


  3. I finally got to watch this latest vlog, and of course it is so awesome to hear you talk in-depth about your writing! 😀 Thanks for answering our questions, and I look forward to Part 2. 🙂

    Also, I love your outfit! The dress especially! Purple is my favorite, and I love the style and full skirt.


  4. Your outfit is absolutely adorable! I enjoyed hearing about your writing. 🙂 Also, the mug of tea (or perhaps coffee?) steaming on the table in your video is making me want to go put on my own cup of tea. 😀


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