Liebster Award Nominee!

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Simply Megan Joy! Thanks Megan! She has a super sweet blog about many of the same things mine is. Fashion, Sewing and Writing just to name a few.

Liebster reward

The Liebster Award is an award passed around from blogger to blogger. The word Liebster is German, meaning sweet, kind, nice, dear, lovely, pleasant, valued, and endearing. Here are the rules for this award!Read More »

A Stab at Motherhood

A StabatMotherhood

A few days ago I got to hang out with my sister-in-law and we cleaned her house together. It was fun, but since she is expecting, she needs to take it easy, so I offered to go grocery shopping for her. At first I was just going to take my niece “J”, but then of course little “Badger” buddy wanted to go too. Of course, he couldn’t be outdone by his big sister. I could tell they were both tired and, dare I say it, cranky. Especially Badger. I figured it would be fine and decided to take them both. It would be fun! Why not, right?

Now, you can’t think that I am too naïve. I grew up with lots of siblings, and even though it had been a long while since any of them have been that little, I figured I could handle taking a 5 and 3 year old shopping. Mom’s do it all the time. They have my utmost respect. It isn’t easy.Read More »

London in the Dark Blog Tour Wrap-up

London in the DarkBlog Tour

Hi everyone! I just wanted to publically thank all of the great bloggers who participating in the blog tour! You ladies were so sweet and totally blessed me by being willing to feature my humble book. I am so thankful to all of you!

And to my readers, in case you missed any of the posts, they are listed below!

And last but not least, in case you haven’t entered the giveaway’s, here are the links one last time. You have until tomorrow night at midnight to get your entries in!

My giveaway’s

Goodreads giveaway.

Enter away and I hope you win!

The Roundup:

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By God’s Grace,