My 2 Best Blogging Tips

Top 2 Blogging Tips

I had an idea while writing my blog and interacting with some other bloggers. . . some new, and some who have been doing this for quite a while. I thought it would be fun to share my top 2 blogging tips!



Everyone always wants more readers. . . Well. . . God brings our readers, but that is another post. If you want to attract readers and keep their attention, you need to be posting consistently. Whatever your passion and blog topic, keep the content coming. People want to read your blog because if you are a fashion blog, they want ideas on how to dress, they love your outfits and want more. If you have what I call an “encouragement blog” the people who are reading want to be encouraged. That doesn’t happen when you only post sporadically or occasionally. So to keep your readers interest, it is important that you keep posting. It needs to become a part of your life. Instead of being a tag-on to your week, make it a habit.

At first, when I started blogging, I only blogged when I had an idea. And while there is nothing wrong with that, readers didn’t really find me and those that did got bored because I posted once a month, or twice in one week, but not again for several. I thought blogging was hard and I just couldn’t carve out time in my busy life. Now, life has changed for me since then and I feel like God has given this blog wings since then, but that only happened when I started posting on a consistent basis. I decided that I wanted to post twice a week and I made it happen. It became a habit of my computer time, that I just posted those days. No matter what. Now, I post regularly every Monday, and Friday(or Saturday) and as often as I can on Wednesdays that I usually dedicate to something writing related. I started doing this consistently last year in March. It has been a full year since then, and I have gained quite a few new readers, and the participation on my blog has gone from one comment once in a blue moon, to a couple of comments per post on average.

Again, I want to reiterate that I believe God calls some of us to blogging and He is the one that directs our paths. So, the readers that I garnered are not on my own works alone, which leads me to my next and most important tip.


Involve God in the process.

Prayerfully consider if blogging is for you. If you have already started one, ask God to guide your steps and use the blog for His glory. Serving Him is the greatest thing we could possibly do in life and allowing Him to work through your blog will not only bless others, but bless you. Blogging has taught me a lot. I pray He uses it to help and bless others, but I can’t help but feel that I am the most blessed one. The things that I share here are things that God has blessed me with, or taught me. And I feel so gifted to be a part of encouraging others. So involve God in the process. He has your best interests at heart and He will guide you if you let Him.

Did you find these tips helpful?
What is your blogging tips?

By God’s Grace,


3 thoughts on “My 2 Best Blogging Tips

    • Same! Some great ideas popped in my head and I wanted to post them including God in them, but I really need to read and research the Bible to find some great verses that would go great with them. 😉

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