Boho Tunic Outfit

Finally! I am back with an outfit! You don’t know how long I have been waiting to do an outfit post. Releasing my book sidetracked my blogging a little bit, but I am super excited to get back into the swing of things!










I have worn this outfit numerous times in vlogs. Which cracks me up. . . the fact that I wore the same outfit for more than one video! LOL! Without even trying! When I choose to do vlogs, they are so random and spur of the moment that looking back it is hilarious that this outfit has seen so many of them. I now refer to it as my “vlog outfit”.

This tunic is just so comfortable, effortless and something that still has some boho vibes that I love. I also love to pair it with one of my signatures. . . lots of bracelets. I didn’t do that today, and I love the laid back look.

The Green Army jacket was a score from a thrift store. I have been wanting one for years. . . Seriously. Years. I kept biding my time, unwilling to spend $30-$50 on one. I kept hemming and hawing until I found this at a local thrift store. It was just my size, looked brand new and was staring at me from the rack. It was $10!! I danced out of that store!

AND THESE BOOTS. *swoon* There is something so cool about the tassels and buckles. They also seem to have a little boho gypsy vibe going on, all while still being classy. When I was trying to pick them out because I had some money to use at JustFab, my mom pointed them out instantly and begged me to get them so she could wear them too! Yes, we share shoes. A girl (me) can’t call her shoes her own in this family! All of my sisters and I have the same size feet, so I guess it was inevitable. I don’t mind. I would do pretty much anything for my sisters, which is displayed by my willingness to share clothes and shoes with them. Open-mouthed smile

I also had fun with my hair today. I have been in a rut of messy buns every day because of work and not wanting it in my face, so it was fun to do something new. I need to scroll my ginormous pinterest board for hair ideas! I think I am going to do a pinterest inspiration week and do a different hairstyle every day.  . . We shall see, but is should be fun!


Jacket: Thrifted $10

Top: Romwe $4

Jeans: Old Navy (old) $7

Boots: Just Fab $30

Earrings: Vintage


Do you share clothes or shoes? Do you like when I post outfit posts?

By God’s Grace,


10 thoughts on “Boho Tunic Outfit

  1. Oh, that would be so cool if you did that Pinterest hairstyles idea and then put them on your blog! I just signed up for Pinterest and am loving it! I’m also collecting hairstyles to try to hopefully break my habit of twisting my hair up on my head and forgetting about it! (Although, it does save time that way!) I love your outfit, too!
    – Megan Joy


  2. Okay, I’ll be honest. The reason I started following your blog was actually because of the outfit photos, so yes, I love it! lol I only have one sister, who doesn’t live at home anymore, but we were never the same clothing size or shoe size, so I never had that experience. And my mom and I aren’t the same sizes either, so we all just have our own closets! lol


  3. Hello Victoria,

    I know this isn’t on the correct post, but the comments on your Bound finale were closed before I saw it. (I was on a mission trip.) I just wanted to tell you that reading your book really touched me in a positive way to appreciate my awesome family more and not take them for granted. I realize that Levi and Casey and representing the world we live in today, unfortunately. God has given you a talent for writing heart-gripping stories. Your book was amazing and you should totally publish it! 🙂
    You are such a sweet girl and a light for our Savior Jesus Christ in this world. I just want to thank you from my heart for everything you do with Jesus’ help.

    Your sister in Christ,


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