Classy with a Country Girl Flair







I wore this outfit before in this post. But I decided to pair it with some country accessories this time. I went with denim and some cute cowboy-ish boots that are one of my favorite colors. . . olive green. Still sticking with the theme of the original colors.

I loved how it turned out! And I tried something different with my hair again! I loved this braided bun.


Denim Jacket; Meijer $7

Top: Thrifted $4

Belt: $.99

Skirt: Eshakti $30

Boots: Just Fab $29

Necklace: Gift from a friend

Earrings: Vintage


Do you like a country look?

By God’s Grace,


16 thoughts on “Classy with a Country Girl Flair

  1. Oh my stars, you look gorgeous! I just love your style so much. ❀ Wish I could pull off the updos like you do, but my hair never stays put when I try to pin it. πŸ˜›

    (By the way, those shoes are THE BEST. I love boots, and olive green is one of my favorite colors lately!)


  2. I like country outfits. Especially with full jean skirts and cowboy (or in our case, cowgirl) hats. πŸ™‚
    I love your braided hair bun. Can you please do a tutorial on how you did that?



  3. I thought I recognized that skirt from Eshakti! I love it! Many of my everyday outfits can be classified as “county girl” (actually, like, all of them), cowgirl boots, jeans, and a plaid shirt.
    I love your whole outfit! All of your outfits look so fun!
    – Megan Joy


  4. I love your hair! Could we please have a tutorial? πŸ™‚ And the skirt looks really fun too. Twirly kinds are the. best. ever.


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