My Vacation in Georgia: In a Nutshell of Pictures

I will just start off right now with a somewhat half-hearted apology for the copious amount of pictures. I tried to narrow it down, I really did! LOL! Are you ready? Here we go!

The day before I left, I cuddled up with my sisters and watched the last part of EMMA by BBC. Some much needed girl time was in order considering I was going to be gone for just over a week, which has never happened before. I missed them terribly. . .



Day one after arriving at my dear friend Julia’s house, we did some sewing, shopping and general hanging out. Open-mouthed smile


We were preparing banners for a tea party Julia had planned to host while I was there. We had such fun. (which I am sure you will hear me saying quite often)



Also during my trip I got to go to Chik-fil-a. Darlings. . . it was so good. Just amazing.


Shopping of course, because, what else can you do with your best friend?


I captured this beautiful sunset. . . swoon.


We went to Callaway Gardens!!! I got to see some of the most glorious creation on earth! AND MOUNTAINSSSSSS!!!!!!! Living in Michigan, we pretend big hills are mountains. I actually got to see the real deal. They are gorgeous!



The chapel was gorgeous! I wish I could have sung something in there. The acoustics were amazing, but there were other people.



Sewing some more. . .


Morning Selfie before a big day of FUN!!!!


Cupcakes with a friend that I got to meet in person for the first time! Such a joy!


The tea party décor!!!




It turned out so lovely, like a garden party out of a dream!


The birdbath was begging to be filled with flowers!


My party dress near the flower bedecked picket fence!


THE FOOD. We just can’t even talk about how good it was.


The gorgeous tea cups! Such vintage loveliness!


I experienced many firsts on this trip! My first Crispy Crème donuts. Yes, they hold up to everything I have heard about them.


I watched my first Pride and Prejudice Movie!!!! The 5 hour long one of course. It was great!

GA trip3

All too soon, the flight back! For the first time ever flying, the sky was clear and I got to see the ground below! Never ceases to amaze me despite the fact that it made my head swim. Open-mouthed smile

GA trip2

And the sweet relief and awe at getting to see my home lake from this far in the heavens. Lake Michigan never looked so amazing! I could even see waves people!!!!!

GA trip

That was a quick round up of my favorite pictures from the trip. Of course we did so many other things that I could never have time to mention them all. It was such such fun and a delight to spend that time with my sweet friend Julia. Even if I did miss my family A LOT. I have been told by my sisters that I am never aloud to do that again. LOL! We will see. Open-mouthed smile

Being in Georgia was such a gift. A gift from God in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you them all. I will cherish the memories for years to come!

Have you been on vacation? How was your spring break?

By God’s Grace,


25 thoughts on “My Vacation in Georgia: In a Nutshell of Pictures

  1. So much fun! Oh my goodness, you’ve never had Krispy Kreme?? 😉 I’ve never seen the five hour version of Pride and Prejudice. The tea party looks so lovely!


  2. Lovely pictures, Victoria! I love lots of pictures, and yours were amazing, so don’t apologize for volume! 😉 The five hour Pride and Prejudice is one of my very favorite movies.

    I won’t be going on another vacation until May, but I had a few lovely vacations last summer. The highlight was that I got to visit my own out of state close friend, who moved away several years ago.


  3. So much fun!!
    My older sister just went all the way to Kansas for two weeks so I will have to sympathize with your sisters. 😉 Looks like you had a BLAST though!!!


  4. Oh, that looks like a beautiful trip! I love all the little perfect details in your photos. 🙂 And Jane Austen… ❤ ❤


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