Writing Prompt 031

Are you excited? I am excited! Say welcome back to the Writing Prompt series on the blog everyone! The series is so excited to be back! It told me personally that it was feeling dusty and since BOUND was done showing off, it would like it’s chance to start performing for you all again! Of course, how could I say no to that? So welcome Writing Prompt # 031 to the stage!



“Remind me why we are here again?” Genna asked, an edge of annoyance in her tone. She already spent so much time in school, having to go back for something one of her friends had left behind didn’t rate high on her list of fun things to do on a Saturday.

“Yeah, seriously, Saturdays are for doing anything BUT going to school.” Cayley agreed. She shook her head and her braid whipped the back of her head.

“Just pipe down, would you? You would come back too if you forgot your homework. You know what my parents would do if I didn’t do my homework for the weekend?” Justin asked with his own sense of frustration.

Both girls gave each other a knowing look and kept their mouths shut. They very well knew what parents thought of their kids not doing their homework.

“Only a guy would forget their homework.” Genna rolled her eyes and grinned at Cayley conspiratorially. They didn’t believe any of the malarkey about a guy being more forgetful, but it was fun to tease Justin anyway.

“Oh come on?!?!? Not that again?” Justin huffed and trudged faster towards his locker. The janitor had let them in and they were happy when he had promised not to get them in trouble.

Genna quickened her pace so that he didn’t lose them. “You know, I never realized how creepy the school could be without the lights on.”

“I agree! This is downright creepsville.” Cayley nodded vigorously, sending her braid flying again.

“Just like a girl to be scared of the dark,” mocked Justin, getting his dig in back at them.

Cayley glared at him and smacked his arm. “Oh shutup.” But then she grinned. What was it about teasing each other that was always so fun?

“Here we are!” Justin looked relieved as he pulled up short at his locker and started turning the padlock. It clicked open and he started digging through the disorganized mess inside while the girls tapped their toes with impatience.

“How do you find anything in that mess?” Genna asked, standing on tip-toe to look over his shoulder.

“It is an organized mess.” Was the muffled reply from inside the locker.

A sound down the hall caused Genna’s skin to crawl and she held her breath. Her mind went in a thousand opposite but equally terrifying directions.

“HA! Found it!” Justin pulled his head from the locker and waved the homework assignments aloft.

“Shhh!” Genna grabbed his arm in a vicelike grip. Cayley gave her a look as terrified as she thought her own must be. She must have heard it too.

“What? Ouch! That hurts! Why are you squeezing my-“

“Shut up!” Genna hissed.

“What?” Justin hissed back as another sound down the hall made Cayley move closer to Genna and Justin.

“Didn’t you hear that sound?” Cayley asked, gripping Justin’s other arm.

“No, what are y-“ The sounds of shouting from one of the classrooms cut off the words from his mouth and made his eyes widen into large circles.

“We aren’t the only ones here.” Genna whispered.

“So? It is probably just a few teachers having an argument,” Justin’s voice quavered as he tried to be reasonable, but Genna could tell that he was scared too.

A muffled gunshot sounded and echoed down the empty halls. Empty except for 3 scared spitless teenagers.

Shaking, Genna and Cayley turned their huge eyes on Justin, looking to the male member of the group for direction.

“I think we should definitely run.” Was his whispered answer to their silent question.


Did you like this prompt? Are you happy the series is back?

By God’s Grace,


9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 031

  1. Ahhh! Yea! Another mystery. I’m glad it’s back. Please tell me you’re continuing this story because I’ll be dying if you don’t!! Was this part two of a prompt you wrote before? If so, I must’ve missed it because I don’t remember the story. Also, how do you come up with such mysterious, fascinating, and great prompts?!



  2. Ahhhh, Victoria, you and cliffhangers!! I add my voice to the sequel consensus! Pretty please?

    I love how you fit character personalities and such suspense into such a short piece. 🙂


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