My Struggle with Avoiding Spoilers

As some of you might know, I am really excited about the impending release of Deliver by Tricia Mingerink. I mentioned in my latest Vlog, that it was one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017 for me. I read the first three books of the series last year and loved them! Finding clean, medieval fiction is difficult, and I probably don’t have to remind you that I am fascinated and have a love affair with times long past. While the Blades of Acktar Series are fantasty, they are non-magical fantasy, which I love even more! They are so realistic, just set in an imaginary location.

Deliver Cover Revised Header 041117

That being said, my sister and I are both a part of the Launch Team for the most recent and final book of the series. I am a very busy person. I have a lot going on a daily basis, and I also have many things that I need to accomplish in any given day. I am also a bit OCD, so I have a specific order of things that need to be done. As a part of the Launch Team, we received and ARC (advanced readers copy) of Deliver in order that we can read and review it ahead of the publishing date.

My sister happened to be sick this week. Which, I feel bad for her, I really do, but I was slightly jealous as well. She had all the time in the world to pore over and devour Deliver to her hearts content. She did it in one day people. *shakes head* I, on the other hand, had much work to do and had turned my bedroom into a workshop with a folding table, spinning office chair and my sewing machine all set up.  She decided that she was going to camp in the comfy chair across the room and read her book.

Another thing about me. I don’t like spoilers. I love experiencing the book for what it truly is and experiencing the emotions as they come. The shock, the surprise, the joy, the pain. All of it. Spontaneously.

The ENTIRE time that she was reading the book (and I had headphones in listening to an audio drama, so that means she was pretty vocal) She kept squealing, making pained noises, moaning and freaking out over the book.

Sister: Awwwwww!!!!


Sister: But it is so…


Sister: sorry.

Later. . .

Sister: Oh my gosh!!!!! *squeals loudly and flails hands*

Me: STOP IT!!!!

Later. . .

Dad: *pokes his head in the door* How are you girls doing?

Me: *wails* She won’t stop talking about the book that I CAN”T READ YET!!!

Sister: *guilty grin*

Dad: Shhhhhh *finger to his mouth as he slowly backs away*

Later. . .

Sister: OH my GOODNESS! AHHHHHH! *flails hands and waves book around* Victoria it is SOO GOOD!!!!! You just won’t even believe it!

Me: So help me! I will get the duct tape! I WILL muzzle you!

Sister: You wouldn’t *smug grin upon her face*

Me: Watch me! *stands to search for the grey tape, chair swirling with the vehemence with which I stood* *turns around and sits back down* No, not duct tape, that is too evil. perhaps scotch tape?

Random friend I was chatting with: Here. . .                                   Image result for duct tape

Me: *laughs devilishly and pulls out gobs of tape while spinning in circles*

Sister: I thought you liked me!

Random friend I was chatting with: Run!

Me: Too late! I am already sitting on her.

Random Friend I was chatting with: Call in the reinforcements! It’s a cat fight!

Me: *grasps sisters wrist* Surrender the kindle or you shall be doomed!

Sister: NEVEEEER! I will fight to the death for my freedom of speech!

Later after much laughing and then going our separate ways. . .

Two seconds later. . .

Sister: awwwww! *tears in her eyes at a twist in the story*

Me: STOP IT!!!

(to clarify something, I didn’t really look like that! LOL! In my head maybe, but in real life, I was literally doubled over with tears of laughter in my eyes, and to set the record straight, no person or kindle was harmed. And I never actually sat on my sister.)

And. . . to wrap this all up, Here is a little snippet of me and my sister reacting to the ending of the book, which, I still have not read (so no spoilers please!). It was me debating with myself whether or not to find something out. . . I was a good girl and told her not to tell me. Also, I apologize that I missed the first bit of this conversation because She screamed to the point where I screamed in reaction to her fangirling. I am the person behind the camera deliberating with much emotion on whether I should find out the spoiler or not.

Avoiding spoilers is a real problem, especially if your sister reads them first.
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of what my life looks like! LOL!

Do you like spoilers, or dislike them? Ever had this problem before? And before you comment, don’t leave spoilers!!!!!

By God’s Grace,


18 thoughts on “My Struggle with Avoiding Spoilers

  1. *is very distracted by the crochet on the chair* Hmm? Oh yeah, spoilers. For authors I know, love, and trust, I prefer not to have spoilers, but as I’ve said many a time on Goodreads, I like spoilers that let me know if something distressing is going to happen, especially when I’m not familiar with the author.

    I have no siblings to spoil me, but my mom and I love talking books when we go for walks. If it’s one we both want to read we have to decide just how much of the plot we want to talk about. Sometimes it does come down to shouting, “NO DON’T TELL ME! WAIT I WANT TO KNOW! NO WAIT I DON’T!” XD

    Re Blades of Actar: I’ve been curious about that series for a while now and I’m glad to hear it’s clean. How is it violence-wise? I can handle action violence, but I don’t like it when books get too descriptive or bloody with the violence and I haven’t heard how Actar handles it either way.

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    • LOL! Yeah, the crochet is a coverlet that I used to cover the chair because it is kind of an ugly color, so that totally mutes it and I love the way it looks. Oh! I hear you about the “saving me from craziness” spoilers. I agree. If there is something bad that I can skip, I will. 😀
      haha! Thank you for your comment! I will shoot you a message on goodreads about the Blades of Acktar! Blessings!


  2. OH MY GOODNESS. THIS WAS HILARIOUS!! I know EXACTLY how you feel, because my brother and I were reading Michael Vey at the same time, until the last book came out and he got his hands on it first. He would be like OMG JAZZY AHHH. and i’d be like, SHUT IT, I DONT WAT TO HEAR IT LALALLALALALALALLA. And then i’d run out of the room. But then he’d tell my sister (who hadn’t read any of the books) all the stuff, just so she could taunt me as well since we share a room. It was HORRIBLE. I was like, If you breathe a word, so help me…

    But at the same time, i can TOTALLY relate with Sarah Grace’s reaction…. *smug grins* *gets momentarily distracted from remembering the book* *squeals* bahahahaha. ITS GOLD. It really really is :))


  3. I want spoilers, so that I can know if the book is bad or not, but I don’t really care either way. I don’t really understand people who hate spoilers… I take all I can get. 🙂 (please don’t think I’m wierd… xD)


  4. Oh my goodness, I would hate that! Here I am reading the Blades of Acktar wishing my sister had read it so I could fangirl with her, but maybe I’m better off… this way there’s no spoiler risks! 😀


  5. I totally relate to this! I like to go into a book (or movie) totally spoiler and expectation free.

    I’ve heard of the Blades of Acktar after reading the Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight. Have you read those? The fourth book is supposedly going to be released this year and I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve always wanted a sister, but in this case I’m glad I won’t have to worry about spoilers due to an overexcited sister. 😉 (Although I totally relate to the squeals and screams your sister was making. That’s so me when I read a book I love. :P)

    PS. I hope you enjoy “Deliver” when you get to read it!!

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  6. Great post 😂 Totally relatable! My brother and I often read the same books right after each other and its DREADFUL when he starts talking about it before I’m done!
    Sometimes it’s just like, “I shall remove your vocal cords young man!!” 😤😂
    But it’s also hard not to talk to him about it before he’s done! 😁 So it works out👌

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