Book Review: Only Children Chase Sawdust


My Review:

4 out of 5 stars

This book was a sweet, but painful (in a good way) story of courage, sacrifice, and the willingness to follow God.


The story was intriguing and there were moments where I was staring with my mouth open, in shock at the plot twist or what had just happened. It was a very well written tale, full of suspense, sweet moments, and a Christian message interwoven with great care and skill. It was well written, pace, plot, and story were well put together and I enjoyed it thoroughly!


The characters were quite nice! Sweet, innocent romance with only kissing between a married couple (which was quite refreshing) and the various struggles, challenges, and quirks were perfectly suited to each one. There was a certain dude that I had my eyes on and did not see his villainy coming. . . well, just a little bit after a while. She did a great job with each one dealing with their sorrow. My one quibble would be with the character if Annie. She seemed a might too soft for me and the fact that she didn’t take her problem with the soldier to a higher officer didn’t make sense. That dude gave me the creeps and in her place, I would have reported him to his superior officer after the second offense. The Pastors Story arc was great. And the ending? Sweet!


Again, this was awesome. Twists, turns and unseen things jumping from around trees occurred with enough frequency to keep me guessing.


I really appreciated the message behind this book. The scriptures were so wonderfully woven into the story and I loved the story of self sacrifice and the need to follow Jesus, no matter the cost.  Which brings me to another of my favorite characters. AKANDO! I think he was easily my favorite character in the whole book.


Just a few minor things. The first being that even though Annie and Jacob were married, the descriptions of their relationship, while not graphic in a bad way, still pushed the envelope just a tiny bit for me. I would rather not hear descriptions of a man’s muscles and the feel of each others skin. Again, that is a personal issue, and it was relatively infrequent. The second was that I wouldn’t recommend this to younger readers because of the violence. Willowy handled it well, without too much description and it was very realistic, but still, some people were scalped and killed brutally. So, if you are a younger reader, maybe check with your parents before reading this book. Again, these were minor issues, and I still loved the story and book!

Closing Thoughts:

Overall, this was an enjoyable, uplifting and exciting story about a missionary and his walk to follow God and bring the Good News of the gospel to those who had harmed him and his family. A true “love your enemies” kind of story and one that I would highly recommend to you Christian Fiction fans who like a little romance, Jesus and captivating storylines in their books!

Notice: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and the thoughts expressed in this article are my own opinion.

If you would love to read this book, which you probably do. . . you can find it here!


Did you enjoy this review? Should I do more? Would you like to read this book?

By God’s Grace,


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Only Children Chase Sawdust

  1. Sounds interesting. I don’t think it would be a book I would want to read, but thanks for sharing a review about it. And yes, I do think you should do more reviews, 🙂



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