What I Made//Easter Outfit

Easter Dress Graphic

Finally! I am back with an outfit post! I have been sadly remiss in this area as I had other things that were scheduled and couldn’t be moved. Rest assured. . . I have not given up on the fashion side of this blog! And it shall be coming back full force in the next few weeks as we transition into spring.

That being said, I am so thrilled to finally be sharing with you my most favorite dress in the whole wide world. I was walking through Hobby Lobby, trying to have blinders on so that I wouldn’t get tempted to buy any fabric. The struggle is real. I glanced over at their seasonal rack and swooned. Right there in the Hobby Lobby. My mouth was hanging open, I had stars in my eyes and I was all but drooling over this fabric. Visions of 50’s style dresses made from its fabulous floral decadence danced before my eyes. And guess what? There was JUST ENOUGH fabric to make a dress. I think it was made to be! I had the pleasure of wearing it to our Easter gathering and I felt so elegant, old-fashioned, and special. What made it even better, is that I made it my own self!






It has lots of twirl to it. Swoon.



After making it, I came across a tiny fitting issue, and fixed it with darts at the neckline. They blend in perfectly and I am so happy that they didn’t take away from the cut at all.




Dress: Made by me Fabric and notions $37

Cardigan: Thrifted $3

Heels: borrowed from my sister

Necklace: Birthday present from a friend.

Earrings: Present from a friend.

Are you happy to have outfit posts back? Do you like the dress?

By God’s Grace,


22 thoughts on “What I Made//Easter Outfit

  1. Sooooo cute! If you hadn’t said you made it, I would have thought it was store-bought!

    I had wanted a bright colored floral print dress like that for Easter, but all I could find at the stores was muted color flowers on black or navy backgrounds. Um, no. I’m young, I’m girly, and Easter is a time of celebration! Give me bright colors, people! *stubborn face*

    How long have you been sewing and how did you learn? You’re obviously very good at it!


  2. “Do you like the dress?” you ask. I literally screamed out loud when I saw it! I mean, it wasn’t very loud for fear of my sisters running in asking what the matter was, but. . . I love the dress! I bought tons of yards of spring fabric at Joanns to sew myself an Easter dress, and never made it! So yes, I’m a little jealous, but still thrilled that there’s someone out there who has succeeded at sewing herself a beautiful Easter dress! You did a lovely job at it, too!
    – Megan Joy


  3. I love the dress. It is gorgeous. The fabric is so pretty. Congratulations on a great job. You are a talented lady.


  4. What a gorgeous outfit!!!!! So feminine and modest!!!!! I am about to start on a dress for 4H; where would you suggest getting fabric? AND YES, PLEASE DO MORE FASHON POSTS!! I love looking at people’s outfits!!!!
    God bless,
    Claire Rachel


    • Hi Natalie! The pattern I use is Mccalls 6995, but I do tweak it a bit. Let me know if you ever have at questions with it! It is my favorite pattern though. . . I just love this cut of dress! If you make yourself one, make sure you add pockets! IT is so worth it!


      • Thank you for responding, Victoria! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the pattern on their website, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. Thanks! (Dresses with pockets are the best!!)


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