White and Floral Outfit and Cravings


Hello lovelies!

I was overjoyed when I put this ensemble together. It is a relatively new skirt that I have been saving to wear because it is white, and you know that rule about not wearing white until spring. Well spring has finally sprung! And I was so happy to finally get to wear this lovely skirt! I scored it at a thrift store while shopping on my trip to Georgia. This outfit was just one of those outfits that you feel so confident in. It felt like a “me” outfit. You know?








Life feels like it has been crazy busy of late. But when is it not? Just a different, new busy. Things are shifting in our family, my life, and my relationships with God and family. Not in a bad way. It is all good. But I can still get overwhelmed by the goodness of it all and feel a bit unready for the future. But maybe that is where faith comes in. When we are unready, overwhelmed and even a bit scared and that strange sad/happy emotion about the future, that is where our faith in God deepens. Our need for Him is stronger because we know we can’t do it on our own and that we need Him. He wants us to need Him. He wants us to crave Him. Which is something I am feeling myself do more.

A bible study that I recently did was such a Godsend and such a blessing. I felt myself digging deep into His word, and searching for the truth. Something I have struggled with doing if I am quite honest. As much as I wanted to read the Word, and as much as I knew it was good for me, I felt distracted, too busy, too anything to do the one thing that I needed most. It is still a struggle sometimes, but I have learned that it is pushing through the struggle that is important. Because, we can’t crave something we don’t taste. Would you ever have a craving for chocolate if you had never tasted it in the first place? Of course not! You would have no basis for your craving. The same applies with the Word. How can we crave something we don’t taste? How can I crave the Word if I don’t read it? Eat it, devour it, taste it? I have discovered that I need to taste it, no matter how busy, how exhausted, or how distracted I may feel. I still need to keep feeding my soul, regardless of the fact that it might not be the easy thing to do. We have always known that the good things worth having in life aren’t always easy. So fight for your time with God! It is worth it. Even if it is hard.


Blouse: thrifted $3

Skirt: thrifted $3

Cardigan: thrifted $3

Belt: Vintage, came with a skirt

Earrings: vintage $4

Heels: borrowed from my sister.

Do you struggle with spending time in the Word and with God?

By God’s Grace,


33 thoughts on “White and Floral Outfit and Cravings

  1. That outfit is adorable and so is your hair!!! Thrift stores are the best!
    I have been struggling with reading the bible lately. You’re absolutely right. Thank you. 😊


  2. This is amazing! well done! Def following, well written!
    I’m new to this site and very happy to finally find a place to share my words. If you ever wanna take a look that would be very much appreciated.
    Never disregard your own self worth and beauty.


  3. Beautiful outfit, and wonderful words about reading the bible! That is definitely something I struggle with; but I never thought of the not craving something you don’t taste; what great motivation for reading the good word!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful spiritual encouragement!!
    God bless,
    Claire Rachel🎶


  4. You’re beautiful! And that outfit fits you, it’s lovely! Thrift shopping is the best. 🙂
    God is always with you, Victoria. 🙂 It helps me to have a set time to read my Bible, and then get in routine… at first, it helped to pray and ask God to help me get in the routine of reading the Bible. 🙂


  5. Okay so of course your outfit is beautiful…but your hair!!! Oh my, how does it always look so out-of-this-world amazing?!? I would love to see some more hair tutorials from you! (please please please…)


  6. Another great outfit from Victoria! I love your skirt with its hints of gold. The blouse is perfect for the skirt, too! And yes, I am always forgetting to make time in my day to delve into the Word. You bringing this up will help me to remember to make time! Thank you 🙂
    – Megan Joy


  7. Ahh this outfit is SO cute! I love the skirt so much. And IK outfits that just feel like “me” they are the most satisfying. I have this one ringer-T+cardigan+jeans outfit i like to wear that just feels like “Jazzy-ish”. Love it!


  8. Lovely outfit! I love the earrings too!
    I think it is perfectly natural to struggle with following God and reading His Word. No one is perfect, and we all have those hard times. I usually memorize the catechism and read my bible at night. It honestly helps me sleep better, and fall asleep faster, too!


  9. Cuuuuute outfit!!! Soooo I knew there was a rule about wearing white buuuut I couldn’t remember what it was!!! LOL I’ve never been much to FOLLOW the rules when it comes to FASHION!!! LOL What about if your getting married???


  10. Wonderful post, Victoria! Lovely outfit. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your heart right now. Hugs!! ❤

    I have definitely experienced that some times are harder than others to have discipline to get in the word. When I am doing well, I slip into trying to do things by myself and not relying on God. But I have learned through times of slipping away from him in seasons when I neglect regular time with God that I need to always get in the word regularly, even when I don't feel like it. It is worth it, and it pays off!!!


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