Writing Prompt 041


They met over a toad.

He was a small, gangly little boy, with eyes full of mischief and a determined expression. He walked up to her at the first church picnic of the season, held out his hand on which rested a fat little toad and grinned.

“Will you be my friend?”

She had given the toad a glare, but she was no sissy. Toads didn’t scare her. She took the toad, put it in her apron pocket and looked him in the face. “Sure.”Read More »

Writing Prompt 040


It was a beautiful room that they had given her. If she hadn’t already known that the previous occupant had been a sea captain, she would have only had to see this room to know it.

The color blue was so prolific that it almost hurt her eyes. She felt a bit seasick. She almost opened her mouth to request another room, but the maid who had shown her up had already disappeared. She sighed and took off her hat that she flung across the soft blue bedspread. She plopped down to a seat beside her rejected headgear and gave an exasperated exhale as she turned her head about to take in the room in all its oceanic glory.Read More »

Cultivating a Habit of Prayer

cultivating a habit of prayer post

We all know prayer is important. Let’s just agree on that for the purpose of today’s post. It isn’t mentioned in the bible so many times without a good reason, right?

If you are anything like me, you’ve had too many other things going on to pray. It is hard. You loose focus. You can’t just “sit and pray”. Your mind wanders and you give up in frustration. You are lucky if your immediate family all get prayed for before you loose track and move on to other thoughts.

Okay, lets just be honest. We are too lazy to pray. But it is so important. But I heard a quote recently, and I am probably paraphrasing, but this is what it said. “You won’t just find time to be with the Lord. There isn’t going to be unused time lying around in your daily life. You have to make time to be with the Lord. You have to fight for it.”Read More »

Left To Die: Review/Interview with Author Ivy Rose

Hello everyone!

I have something special for you as the last post of my writing/book week of posts here on the blog. The sweet and talented Ivy Rose has agreed to do a post swap with me! We read each other’s books and are featuring them on our blogs today! You can read her post on London in the Dark, here. Ivy is such a special person and I it has been such a delight getting to know her and reading her book! She is also the wonderful hostess of The Very Awesome Vlog Challenge that I try to participate in when I can. So, without further more ado, let’s get into it!

~ Left to Die ~

Left to Die by [Rose, Ivy]Read More »

The After Party. . . Writing Encouragement

Hello lovelies!

*hands out left-over party snacks* Is it just our family? Or does anyone else always have leftovers (sometimes for days) after a party? I mean, I am not complaining, who doesn’t like party food? Open-mouthed smile

Did you enjoy the writing party? I had such fun! I learned a lot from all the other participants! And my To Be Read list grew. . . again. I don’t have enough time in the day to read!

I filmed a little “get to know me” video for you all with some writing encouragement. I hope you enjoy!


Be sure to check out Rebekah’s blog where she has all the participants links if you missed the party! It isn’t to late to get some great info!

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Have you been encouraged this week? What was your favorite part of the blog party?

By God’s Grace,