The After Party. . . Writing Encouragement

Hello lovelies!

*hands out left-over party snacks* Is it just our family? Or does anyone else always have leftovers (sometimes for days) after a party? I mean, I am not complaining, who doesn’t like party food? Open-mouthed smile

Did you enjoy the writing party? I had such fun! I learned a lot from all the other participants! And my To Be Read list grew. . . again. I don’t have enough time in the day to read!

I filmed a little “get to know me” video for you all with some writing encouragement. I hope you enjoy!


Be sure to check out Rebekah’s blog where she has all the participants links if you missed the party! It isn’t to late to get some great info!

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Have you been encouraged this week? What was your favorite part of the blog party?

By God’s Grace,


9 thoughts on “The After Party. . . Writing Encouragement

  1. What a fun way to wrap up the party, Victoria! I really enjoyed getting to “know” you a little more and how you started writing. 🙂

    Thank you so much for being a part of this party. I’ve enjoyed all your posts. Happy writing!


  2. Enjoyed that, Victoria–you did a great job! (I sound awful when I try recording, though a script would help). I grew up writing, too, and dreaming of becoming published–which hasn’t happened yet, but one day, Lord willing! This is a deeper question, but how do you know if the Lord wants you to write? It can’t be a clear sign in the sky, I know….


    • Awww. . . I am so glad you enjoyed it!
      Well, in answer to your deep question, it was very much multi faceted. But there were several deciding factors.
      1~ I was inspired. For the first time in forever, I was inspired with something huge, something that felt bigger than I had ever dreamed before. I believe that he put that dream and desire in my heart.
      2~ I had the time and things just fell into place. There was no “me forcing writing and pushing and struggling to do it.” It just felt right and it happened. I didn’t fight through it, I just did it and it flowed and I was at peace. God often leads by a peace.
      3~ The timing was right for the reasons above. If I had tried to write this novel a year before that, or even 2 years, it just wouldn’t have worked. I believe God ordained the time that I wrote it and he ordained the time that I was inspired. Everything just flowed and it was never a struggle. I was in a season where it worked and I felt at peace over writing.
      4~ Gods plan was perfect. He led me every step of the way and looking back, I see His hand as he allowed me to meet certain people, allowed certain people to encourage me and even inspired me and stretched me. There were a lot of delays in my “deadlines” with my book. It is a story I haven’t told yet, but nothing seemed to be happening when I wanted them to. But God had a plan and as each stage pushed past the self-imposed “deadline” I had set, I learned to be at peace with the way things were moving. I couldn’t force beta readers to be done weeks earlier, and I couldn’t force my proofreader to hurry up. LOL! Even with uploading files to the publisher, there were still hiccups, and I believe that was God’s hand guiding me and teaching me to rest in Him and allow Him to make it happen at His pace.

      I hope that made sense!~ LOL! Does what I said help to answer your question? It isn’t always a sign in the sky, but God does guide through His peace and through circumstances. Also, each step of the way was bathed in prayer and I felt that peace because of that. If there was one thing I would encourage you to do, it would be to pray and dedicate your writing to God’s hands and His mind. He will do big things with your desire to use your gift for Him!
      Okay, I will stop talking now. HAHA! I got a little long winded! *cringes*


  3. It was really nice to get to knw you more, Victoria, especially since I’m new to your blog. Thank you for sharing your writing/publishing story and encouragement with us.



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