Introducing. . . The Ella Grace Sundress

introducing the ella grace

Introducing. . . the Ella Grace Sundress! Available on Etsy for custom order with some gorgeous options for fabrics, if I do say so myself. I got to do an awesome photo shoot for this dress, so this is going to be a picture-full post. Open-mouthed smile


Black detail:








Pockets. . . *heart eyes*










This sundress is just so fun! I had a delight designing it. When I design a dress or any item of clothing for that matter, I generally base it off of something that I personally want. I made this dress for myself and fell so in love. The pockets give it a summery, apron like feel that just feels so CUTE. ❤ I also gave the back a slightly larger scoop, which makes it feel even more like a beach-y sundress to me. I can see myself wearing this all summer long. It features the same silhouette as the Patsy Jean dress and like that dress, it is sooooooo comfortable. It is such a livable dress! Summer parties, beach days, berry picking. . . I could, will, and have wear this everywhere.

I had such fun doing my hair for this shoot as well. In keeping with the vintage vibes, I tried a 40’s look that I was so thrilled with! I felt like a vintage girl! Same with the makeup. This shoot just came together. THIS LOCATION. . .where has it been all my life? Well, of course, it has been just down the road with public access all theses years and I never thought of it. *facepalm* This gorgeous picket fence, arbor, and garden will be making quite a few appearances in the future I think. Open-mouthed smile

Here is the official product description of the Ella Grace Sundress.

The Ella Grace Sundress is the perfect staple for the spring and summer months. It has cute, apron-like pockets and is the perfect dress to wear to the fair, beach, or even a party. It has that classic fiftie’s silhouette and is made to last. It has a flirty, vintage flair while still being modern, and is an amazing and versatile addition to any wardrobe.
When purchased, it will be made custom to your measurements, and the cotton fabric* of your choice. This lovely dress is comprised of a fitted bodice, and the full skirt of a 50’s silhouette. Featuring a zipper down the back, fully lined bodice, finished seams and oh joy! Pockets! This dress will travel with you through your daily life and be the perfect summer outfit.
Feeling chilly? Add a cardigan or a sweater, or even layer the dress overtop of a blouse or top. It is the perfect sun dress that will allow you to look cool and stunning in the heat of the season.
When you purchase, I will send you a message and we can discuss measurements! Available sizes 0-18

This dress is custom made to fit you. When ordered, I will walk you through the process of taking measurements and make your dress based on those so that it fits you perfectly. My goal with this dress is to supply you with the perfect fit so you feel your best while wearing this dress.

In honor of the release of this dress, I am offering a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! It can be used towards any item! To enter, tell me below what your favorite item in my Etsy shop is. And make sure you are following my blog. Just those two things and let me know you completed them in your comment!

And keep in mind. . . if you win the gift certificate, I will be updating my Etsy shop after this weekend and there will be some new items to choose from. Winking smile

What do you think of the dress? What is your favorite item in my Etsy shop?

By God’s Grace,


13 thoughts on “Introducing. . . The Ella Grace Sundress

  1. I would love to enter the giveaway! My favorite item in your shop is probably The Patsy Jean 50’s Style Dress. I follow your blog by email. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!



  2. I would love to enter your giveaway! I know you don’t have this anymore, but I loved the ruffle purse. And I like your headbands and journals too. 🙂



  3. This sundress looks pretty and it’s so sweet that have pockets. Summer is always guaranteed to bring the heat, so we need sundresses and they will help you stay cool all summer.


  4. Oh! It’s darling! Those are just the cutestest pockets… Anyway, giveaway. I have been following your blog for ages, and my favorite thingamajing from your Etsy shop might just be the Patsy Jean dress. But it’s so hard! XD

    And yes, I’m back… but I shall be leaving again in just over a week for CA, and THEN I won’t be back for months…


  5. The Ella Grace sundress is gorgeous. You look so pretty. I love your hair in the 40’s style,quite becoming. Thanks for sharing. You are so talented.


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