Writing Prompt 045


Tears of pain and gut-wrenching sorrow streamed down her face, mixing with the ashes and dirt that streaked her skin. The fire and heat threatened her very breaths with its power.

It had been a normal day, working as a maid servant for her mistress, the Lady Constance. She had returned home, enjoyed a meal with her family, then headed to the barn to complete her chores for the evening. The sounds of yelling and cries for help, crashing, pounding and riotous laughter woke her from a nap in the haymow. She had looked out a hole in the barn wall and witnessed the plunder of her house by marauders.Read More »

Writing Prompt 044


She strolled quietly, almost tiptoeing out to the end of the crude dock they had constructed. She loved these early morning times of quietness. Before even the birds woke up. Fog floated softly over the top of the water, and the night frogs still sang their hollow songs. A soft breeze waved the plants around the ponds edge as she stood, looking out over the lake with her hands in her pockets.Read More »

Big News and Emotions

Hello all! I have been waiting what feels like a long time (3 months) to share this news! My big bro is getting married. He is the second one of us to get married, BUT it feels like the first for me in a lot of ways because my oldest brother got married when I was pretty young (think13ish) so I don’t really remember the process. He has just been married and they have 3 munchkins with one more on the way, so yeah. It has been a while.

We got to have Luke and Joshua live at home for a LONG time by the worlds standards. (which, who cares about those anyway) I felt so blessed, and I did a post very early this year about them moving out and how that was somewhat bittersweet for me.Read More »

Q&A Shout out!!!!

QandA pic

Hey All!

So in preparation for a rather large event coming soon that is under wraps. . . shhhh don’t tell anyone. I am opening the floor up to you all to ask me questions! ANYTHING!

Ever wondered things about me or my life and blog, but never knew how or where to ask? Now’s your chance! Ask away! Every question is fair game! Ask away in the comments below!

Some ideas: (feel free to use any of these because I won’t be answer them unless you ask them. Open-mouthed smile

~ What is your favorite food?

~ Do you even like being homeschooled?

~ How do you approach life?

~ Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

~ Do you get along with your siblings?

~ What is something you dislike about yourself?

~ Favorite candy?

~How did you write your book?

~ What is something crazy or weird about yourself?

~ Do your feet ever smell? (What? Did you think I was kidding when I told you to ask me anything?)

~ . . .  you fill in the blank?

Topic Ideas:

Publishing, Life, Books, Movies, Music, Family, Day to day routine, habits, Food, Schooling, Dreams. . . etc.


So ask away in the comments! I will be saving them up and answering them in a video in a week or so! I will only be accepting questions through Saturday, July 22nd.

By God’s Grace,


Writing Prompt 043

Writing Prompt 043


Tears streamed from her tired eyes and splashed down her face and onto the foliage below. An entire afternoon and night she had spent in the forest, lost. Mama and Papa had always told her to stay where she was when lost. Dawn was just starting to crack the sky apart and she was wet and trembling in it’s feeble light. She was thankful that the light chased the shadows away, and that she could now see the sounds of the forest instead of just hearing them. They had tormented her all night. Shapeless shuffling’s and noisy bird noises. She had slept nary a wink fearing that she would be eaten by the feared black bear of the region.

A branch cracked to her right and she jumped. Perhaps the bear had come for her after all.Read More »