Hello Lovelies! I got to spend some time with my dear friend Julia! And we went to Mackinac Island!!!! First time ever for both of us!

And I know what you are thinking, how does a Michigander wait so long to go to Mackinac Island? Tell me about it! What was your favorite part Julia?

I think spending time with my dear Lil’sis was the best part… Smile But a few things stand out. The store called “Poppins” with all the adorable paper goods – notebooks and planners galore!


– the gigantic peonies we spotted,


the charming quaint style of all the buildings, the fresh air and sunshine… and also the famous Mackinaw fudge.


Nummy. So Victoria, explain to your readers why you have to actually splash around in every waterline you see… Winking smile


That is a really good question! I think it has something to do with the fact that I am a Lake Girl. Grew up with one all my life and that is always a destination for us in the summer. But IT CALLS MEEEEE. . . The only good line from Moana. At least I can handle the cold. . . Just saying. . .

Yes, that was pretty apparent when SOMEONE suggested we should ride on the top deck of the ferry on the way home and not even the warm sunshine could negate the EXTREME ARCTIC BLAST of wind that nearly took my breath away and pierced right through my fuzzy jacket… it was fun though. Winking smile And I totally relate to feeling the powerful pull of the ocean, since I hail from the beaches of Naples, FL. Beach babes for life, be they saltwater or fresh!

Yeah, your need for warmth is probably why we are doomed to live our friendship long distance. *growls* But it makes us eternally grateful for the times that we do get to spend together.

Yes! I echo that! It was absolutely wonderful getting to borrow you and your sisters as my own when we went thrift store shopping on Monday.


Ya’ll. If you ever come to Michigan, check out the thrift stores. They are DA BOMB. And having dinner with your family was lovely! I am still dreaming about the brownies and ice cream we had for dessert. Open-mouthed smile

*moans in pleasure. . . those were so good! YES! IF anyone is in Michigan, shoot me an email, I know some awesome thrift store haunts. *wink* I’ll hook ya up. Julia walked home with more clothes than she had brought with her on the trip. Hopefully your closet won’t mind dear. I know mine was begging for some new goodies. Which, I found a few good things. . . AND SUNGLASSES! WE both got matching pairs. .. cause why not? If we aren’t sisters, we can at least pretend to be, right?

Absolutely. It feels like we ARE sisters, honestly. Just living really really far apart!! So V, what are a few moments you’ve especially enjoyed during this particular visit?

Laughing at you fighting with your hoodie in the wind on the ferry. . . Breakfast as a twosome the first morning you were here, and having you yesterday ALL TO MYSELF! Shopping, movie, dinner. . . So awesome. You are such a ray of sunshine. . . We laugh so much in your presence. Open-mouthed smile

Aww! Thank you! It has been so special to be here on your native land, dear. Being here in person is just amazing. Feels surreal after so much online and long-distance friendship! I’ve made memories to treasure in the days that have slipped by like pearls falling off a string. Smile Look at me, I’m getting all poetic and sentimental – we’d better wrap this up!! Winking smile

AGREED! We are exhausted while traveling in the van right now. . . Mackinac is FAR AWAY y’all. *dies* We must go. We need our beauty sleep, of which we are sorely lacking. How tired are you Jewels?

um… after late nights and early mornings and lots and lots of driving during the past few days… (we got all the way up here in one day, 13 hours) – you could say I’m feeling fairly fatigued! But it’s so worth it. Thanks for letting me share your platform and say hello to your blog readers! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT, keep following this precious girl! Smile Not like they need me to tell them that… Smile

Dawww. . . you are so sweet Julia! *hugs* Thanks for having fun with me and writing this for my readers!

I hope you enjoyed our little conversation and getting to “meet” Julia! Here are some more pictures!
















Have you ever been to Mackinac? Do you like the beach?

By God’s Grace,


17 thoughts on “Convo/Friends/Trips

  1. #jealous I’ve never been to Mackinaw Island itself, but I have been to the fort on the mainland. My dad is actually taking my grandparents there for their 50th anniversary this fall… but I don’t get to go. 😦 Oh, well! I loved getting to see the pics! 🙂


  2. This looks like such a beautiful place! 🙂 It seems like you guys had a much better time at the beach than I had at my last visit. There was a wind storm, we got sandblasted (still have sand imbedded in my hair), my hat blew off into the dunes, and I had to retrieve it by leaping over a fence that stated “Keep off dunes!” It was such a relaxing day! (not)
    – Megan Joy


  3. Aw, one of my favorite places! Of course my brothers, best friend, and I spent more time racing our bikes around the island (hallelujah! No cars! My mother’s phobias relieved!) then shopping, but still… 🙂 And- the- smell- of- that- fudge… *groans* One man was making it when we walked by and treated each of us kids to a free glob of warm goop. I shall eat something like that again in heaven.


  4. I’ve never been to Mackinac island either! I technically live in Ontario but I’m only 5 minutes from the Michigan boarder (Algonac) but it’s just so far away! Looks beautiful but it’s just SO far away! Lol


  5. Lovely post! It’s so nice to have a glimpse of your fun trip – and more of your bestie! 🙂 It’s so funny how Julia looks like a giant compared to you, dear Victoria…. I was actually really shocked by that….sorry, lol!!

    I miss the Great Lakes! And the Atlantic beaches even more…. Yes, I love the beach. 😀


  6. Ahhhh this looks like so much fun!!!! I wanna come met youuuu!!! Both of you, actually. Why do we have to live on complete opposite ends of the country?!?

    Just saying, the Great Lakes are cold. Very cold. Every time I visit Michigan, I freeze my toes off in the water! 😉

    If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you and Julia? The picture made me giggle–I can relate so much!!!! I’m 5’8″, and for whatever reason I’ve always been SOOOO much taller than all of my friends!! Most of my friends are between 5’0 and 5’4″. 😀 It always looks like I’m TOWERING over them in pictures. XD

    And Julia’s hair… *heart eyes*. I want. So much. ❤ GOALS!!!!

    Glad you ladies had such a lovely time!!!


    • I knoooooow! *Hugs across the states* Wouldn’t it be fun to plan a Meetup?

      The great lakes may be cold to you, but they are perfect for me. Lol! We Michigander swim in it regardless of temperature. When I was younger you would swim till your teeth were chattering too hard to continue.

      I am barely 5’2. Barely. 😁 Julia is probably around your height, though maybe a smidge taller? I am really short and we joke about it all the time.

      I know! Isn’t her hair gorgeous! She would make Rapunzel jealous. 😁

      Blessings Ivy!


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