Big News and Emotions

Hello all! I have been waiting what feels like a long time (3 months) to share this news! My big bro is getting married. He is the second one of us to get married, BUT it feels like the first for me in a lot of ways because my oldest brother got married when I was pretty young (think13ish) so I don’t really remember the process. He has just been married and they have 3 munchkins with one more on the way, so yeah. It has been a while.

We got to have Luke and Joshua live at home for a LONG time by the worlds standards. (which, who cares about those anyway) I felt so blessed, and I did a post very early this year about them moving out and how that was somewhat bittersweet for me.

Fast-forward a few weeks. . . still getting used to them moving out and being the oldest most responsible child at home etc. when WHHAM! Luke announced that he was in a relationship and it quickly became obvious that she was “the one”. Several month later they were engaged and they will be married early fall.

Talk about a whirlwind.

This blog is all about sharing my heart, and I am going to do my best to explain how amazing/sad this is.

We often talk about the excitement and joy of such an occasion. Those are so obvious and the things we talk about most. But there is a reverse to that pendulum swing, and that is the sadness.

There is bitter, and sweet. Sadness and joy. And I think that is normal. So, while I am SUPER EXCITED for my brother and new sister, and I am so stoked and blessed by God’s answer to prayer, (Rebecca is amazing you all!) I am still somewhat sad.

Things keep changing. And I feel much like a little kid who wants to dig in their heels. But through this season, I am learning to keep surrendering that to the Lord. He knows our steps and our paths and has them all planned out for us. I have equal moments of dancing with joy and bursting with tears because my heart hurts a tiny bit. This season of us all “one big happy family” is changing and it is growing and becoming a bigger family. I am learning that it is okay to be tearful and joyful at the same time. I am learning to lean into Jesus and let Him fill me up instead of relying on my comfort zone. It is a journey, and I still fail miserably at it, but that is what a journey is, isn’t it? Constantly growing, maturing and changing.

We are loving the moments of seeing Luke and Rebecca and it is fun as Rebecca starts to grow into our family, putting down roots and getting to know everyone.

We have taken to calling the happy couple Captain Adorable and his lovely fiancé. All too soon it will be Mr. and Mrs. Captain adorable. Watching them and seeing how incredibly happy they are with each other makes my heart sing. I am so incredibly happy for them, you can’t even imagine. You pray for years that God would bring the perfect spouse for your sibling and when God does, you are just blown away. It feels so surreal. Almost like it isn’t happening. It is happening so fast, I feel like I am frantically grasping at ribbons that are blowing away in the wind, trying to hang onto these precious moments that will all too soon be forgotten.

Probably one of the biggest things that goes along with the bride and groom. . .I am making the wedding dress! *runs around in a crazy circle* *screams* *Faints*

There will definitely be some posts on the makings of that. I am going to cut into fabric Lord willing this week! I will let you know if I survive!

Here is a lovely picture of the happy couple!

Do you ever have that bittersweet feeling?

By God’s Grace,


10 thoughts on “Big News and Emotions

  1. They are so sweet! AND YOU ARE MAKING THE WEDDING DRESS WHAT. You’ll do an amazing job, I love your dresses! That must be pretty stressful though. Completely get that bittersweet feeling. ❤ Lots of love! And good luck with the wedding process, it can be pretty crazy!



  2. Hugs to you and blessings to the beautiful couple. Can’t wait to see the dress process in your creative hands. Sometimes life seems to be moving so quickly.


  3. AHHHHHH! Jumping up and down with you! That’s AMAZING! They are such a gorgeous couple, and lucky you getting another sister! It can be bittersweet, but I think times like this are when we really grow and mature, which I have no doubt you will do :).

    AND MAKING THE DRESS? Woah girl, majorly impressed. That’s awesome. Prepare for lots and lots of coffee to keep you going. 🙂

    Keep us updated! (Please ;))


  4. CAPTAIN ADORABLE! ❤ I'm with you on the bittersweet . . . there's always a shoulder here if you need it. But remember, not *everyone* is getting married. 😉 #insidejoke

    Love you! ❤


  5. I UNDERSTAND THE FEELING. My older sister is up and getting married all of a sudden…. The first in my family to do so. Their wedding is only two short weeks away (Eek!). So yeah. Definitely bittersweet.

    That is so brave of you to undertake sewing the dress! My hands are beginning to sweat just thinking about cutting into the fabric. 😉 I know you’ll do a great job!

    And congratulations to the happy couple! 🙂


  6. This is SO exciting!! And it’s also super exciting that you’re getting to make the dress! I can relate about struggling with change. Me and all of my siblings are close in age, so it seems like when things change, they change all at once! Like too many life changes that I can’t even adjust lol And yes, it is bittersweet! But one thing I’ve learned is to not despise one season over another, because they all have their pro’s and con’s! There are things I miss about us all living at home, but now that we’re all in different directions, this has become a new normal, and it certainly has pro’s as well! Haha, that makes it sound like I don’t want my family around, but that’s not what I mean lol!


  7. Congratulations to all of you guys! That’s great. I can sort of relate to your feelings on this. One of my closest friend is leaving for collage this soon. Everything changes really quickly sometimes. At leastin this case you’ll be adding someone to your family! 🙂


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