July Book Haul Vlog

I hope you enjoy this book haul vlog that I filmed for you! I also hope that it wasn’t too long. *cringes behind desk* Please don’t throw rotten fruit and vegetables at me. I tried to edit it. I promise.

Be advised. . . I have not read any of the books I got, so I can’t vouch for their content.


Let me know if this video was too long. Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

By God’s Grace,


5 thoughts on “July Book Haul Vlog

  1. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing what others are reading. Oh, yes, I love old books, too. Years ago I found a really old copy of an Elsie Dinsmore book. The book is falling apart, but I just love old books’ history. And I also love good deals on books! My mom has really enjoyed Dee Henderson as well and has read the O’Malley books and liked them. I want to read them sometime in the future. (There’s always so many books, but sadly so little time!)

    I enjoyed the video. Thanks again for sharing.



  2. Victoria, you are so natural and comfortable on camera, so I don’t mind the length at all! Sometimes if videos are too long it’s because people are rambling a lot or don’t seem very comfortable talking to a camera. Yours isn’t like that at all- it flows smoothly and didn’t feel overly long at all.


  3. That copy of “A Gentleman’s Agreement” looks just like the one I donated a year ago or so. I got mine from a garage sale for 50 cents, but ended up not reading it due to misuse of Christ’s name. If you end up reading the book, I hope you enjoy it, but if not there’s a Gregory Peck movie by the same name that is based on the book and SO good. 😀 I’d recommend that 100% if you want to know the story without any objectionable content the book contains. 🙂


  4. Victoria, I enjoyed your book vlog. I love old books,too. I have read a trilogy written by Lawanda Blackwell. It is set in England. The title escapes me right now. I did enjoy it. I have just received a “Molly Murphy Mystery by Rhys Bowen. Molly is a spunky lady. The one I read is number 3 in the series. It is quite enjoyable. You did a great job on you tube. Thanks for all the book titles. Enjoy reading.


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