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Since being in the land of blogging, I have, with God’s grace, written a lot over the course of my time here. I am almost to 50 Writing Prompts at the time of this post. And I have one published novel with another on the way. LOL! I am so excited! God has taught me a lot through my writing journey and I have met so many amazing new friends in the realm of Christian Indie Writing. I hope you enjoy today’s post full of those friends, and also the epic giveaway!

participating bloggers

Each of these amazing ladies are writers themselves and I have been so priveledged to get to know each and every one. They are so amazing! I hope you get to visit them all!

~Kate Willis

~ Abigayle Claire

Allison Tebo

~ Tarissa Graves

~ Liv K. Fisher

~ Angela R. Watts

~Jesseca Wheaton

Rebekah A. Morris

Tracey Dyck

~ Claire Rachel


Bookerly Giveaway

Now for this epic giveaway that I have been saving for a long time now! I have slowly but surely been purchasing some of these awesome things and stockpiling them into my giveaway pile! I am so happy to finally announce that the giveaway is here! And I am also pleased to announce that for the first time, there will be three winners!


The Books and Stuff Tote by Ruffles and Grace

Three Books of the 6 available of your choice.


~ The Book Bestie book protector by Ruffles and Grace,

~ Three books of their choice from the options available.

~ Small Paris Notepad.



~ Three blue notebooks

~ One large Pink Journal/notebook

~ Set of my favorite pens

~ Antiqued Leather Bound Journal.

~ A signed copy of London in the Dark by Victoria Lynn

~ A signed copy of Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire

~ The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

~ Left to Die by Ivy Rose

~ The Harvester by Gene Stratton Porter

~ Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter



1 ~ Be a follower of my blog.

2 ~ Comment with the title of your favorite book and what prize you hope you win!

3 ~ visit the participating bloggers.

4 ~ Notify me that you did all three above requirements in your comment.

That’s it! To earn some bonus entries, here are some ways to do that. Please notify me of each of the items you completed in a comment or I won’t know to enter you for those points. Open-mouthed smile

+1 Point for each blog you visit

+2 points for each participating blogger you follow.

+1 point for each comment you leave on a participating bloggers post.

+ 1 point for Subscribing to my Youtube

+1 point for following me on Pinterest


Enter away lovelies!

By God’s Grace,


76 thoughts on “Blog Party // Bookerly Fun + Giveaway

  1. I follow your blog…
    Favorite book? Oh boy, idk… I LOVE A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton. 🙂
    I’d love to win first prize ’cause, well, who wouldn’t love books and a bag for them? 😉
    I visited each of the blogs, and I follow Jesseca and Angela.
    Oh, I also follow you on Pinterest. 😀


  2. My favorite book is The Lord of the Rings. I would most like to win the second prize with the book cover. Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! So much fun!

    I follow you and Allison’s Well already, and I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube and followed your Pinterest for a while now.


  3. Thank you so much for doing this, Victoria!! It’s been a blast! ❤

    I already follow your blog, and I've visited and followed all the other participants. I also follow you on YouTube and Pinterest. ^_^ My favorite book is (aaah, I can't choose!) either Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen, or The Old River Road by Ivy Rose. The prize I hope most to win is either the writer's packet or the book bestie. 🙂


  4. Ok, let’s see. I follow your blog, 🙂 and my favorite book is probably…wow. I don’t know… but one of my favorite’s is probably Love Comes softly. I have visited all the blogs, except it wouldn’t let me go to Angela’s or Rebecca’s blogs… it just came up on your blog as an unfound page…but anyway, I am telling you all that right now! 🙂 Ok, so I visited all the blogs, and am following al of them except the two I can’t get to. And I follow you on pinterest and youtube, and I would probably chose either…. hmmm… really any of them, but especially the chose of three books out of 6. Thanks, Victoria!!!


  5. 1 ~ Be a follower of my blog:

    2 ~ Comment with the title of your favorite book and what prize you hope you win!:
    Ooh, I think I’d choose Left to Die and Martin Hospitality. Or Left to Die and The Reluctant Godfather. The Reluctant Godfather and London in the Dark? THERE ARE TOO MANY AMAZING COMBINATIONS HERE! Hmm … maybe I should hope I don’t win so I don’t have to choose! Good thing I already own both the Gene Stratton Porter books or I’d be hopeless!

    My favorite book of all time is A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter. 🙂

    3 ~ Visit the participating bloggers:

    4 ~ Notify me that you did all three above requirements in your comment:

    And I think I did the bonus points last time? I’m commenting and following when I’m visiting all the participant blogs for this round. 🙂


  6. Kate’s blog post isn’t up yet, I guess. And I can’t get to Angela’s blog. I’ll fill you in on everything I’ve done once I can get to those blogs. 🙂


  7. Wowhee! 28 points! And I didn’t even do everything!!!


    Okay, I’ll try. Top five, at least… and not precisely in order.
    The Bible (duh!)
    Les Miserables
    A Tale of Two Cities
    The Desire of Ages

    There you go. I tried. And prize?? Again, how can I pick??? Maaaybeee #2. MAYBE!


  8. I followed you. Had been meaning to for quite some time, but never got it clicked until now. 😛
    My favorite book?!?! You’ve got to be kidding. How can I pick ONE favorite book? Okay, I’ll just pick one. “Three People” by Isabella Alden.
    I would love to win the Writers Packet. I write in a journal every single day, and I usually go through at least one every year.
    I visited every blog (including my own though that was from the back side), left comments on every blog (including my own 😉 as I was replying to comments), and followed you on Pinterest.

    Thanks for letting me a part of this fun party! 🙂


  9. I would love to enter, and I follow your blog. I can’t choose a favorite book, (can any book-lover?) so I’ll mention a few of my favorite series: Love Comes Softly series, Lad: a Dog books, Christian Heritage series, and The Life of Faith books. Because reading and writing are my two favorite hobbies, I can’t choose which prize I’d like best. Also, I’m subscribed to the blogs of Kate Willis, Allison Tebo, Angela Watts, Rebekah Morris, and Jesseca Wheaton. So I visit their blogs (through my email) every time they post. 😉 I checked out Tarissa Graves’ blog, and left a comment. I also commented on Claire Rachel’s and Angela Watts’ blogs. I visited all the others.

    Thanks for the giveaway!



  10. 1. I followed!
    2. My favorite book is the Bible, but I love the Chronicles of Narnia!!!! If I win this giveaway I hope to win 1st prize!
    3. I visited all the blogs!
    4. Check!
    I followed these blogs: Kate Willis, Allison Tebo, Angela R. Watts, Abigayle Claire, Tarissa Graves,
    Liv K. Fisher, Angela Watts, Tracey Dyck, Claire Rachel, Jesseca Wheaton, and Rebekah A. Morris.


  11. Hi! I”m so excited for the giveaway!
    Okay, so I’m following your blog. My favorite book (besides the Bible, that is always at the top!) {currently} is “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” by Elisabeth George Speare, and…
    Followed and commented on Once Upon an Ordinary
    Commented on the Left Handed Typist
    Liked Allison’s Well, couldn’t find comment section
    Commented on In the Bookcase
    Angela Watts link doesn’t work
    Commented on Read Another Page
    Commented on Tracy Dyck
    I visited all of the blogs though! Except for the ones that didn’t work!
    Also, I hope to win the Writer’s Packet!
    So, how many entries did I get? This is so exciting and awesome! I’m going to check out your book, I’m sure it’s amazing! Being a Christian author like you, I hope to self publish! 😀


  12. I hope I win the bookerly giveaway- the books are awesome. 😀 My favorite book is the Bible, second to that, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. 🙂 I also already follow your blog and visited each blogger’s post.
    -I follow you on Pinterest and YouTube
    -I commented on 8 of the participating blogger’s posts.
    -I follow all (except one) of the participating bloggers.
    This is very fun, Victoria!!! 😀 Thanks so much for doing this. ♥


  13. I did each of the three things, plus I visited each of the blogs! How fun! I had no idea there was ANOTHER giveaway in store! Victoria, you know how to party! My favorite book is Rilla of Ingleside or David Copperfield. All of these look amazing!


  14. My favorite book would have to be “Little Women” and I hope I win “Freckles” because I’ve always heard how much you love it! 🙂 I also want “London in the Dark!”
    Follow your blog
    Commented about my favorite book
    Visited the participating bloggers
    I follow 3 of the participating bloggers
    Subscribe to your Youtube channel
    Follow you on Pinterest
    ~ Megan Joy


  15. This is cool! Thanks for doing it!

    1) I follow your blog,
    2) Uh! Pick just one book title?!? Okay… maybe… Left to Die? And the prize I most hope to win is the Writers Packet!
    3) I visited all the participating bloggers!
    4) …um… I just notified you that I did ;p
    +1 I visited all the blogs
    +2 I followed all the bloggers except for 4 (I could not find their sign-ups)
    +1 I left a comment on each blog except 2 (could not find where to comment)
    +1 and I’m subscribed to your Youtube =D


  16. I followed your blog!
    The one I most hope to win… probably London in the Dark! And the writers’ bundle looks pretty awesome. And my favorite book is Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. 🙂
    Visited the bloggers. Followed Tracey, Allison, Liv, Abi, and Rebekah, commented on Tracey’s, Abi’s, and Liv’s.
    Subscribed to your YouTube channel (I’m that rare breed of writer who lacks a pinterest.)


  17. I followed– Kate Willis, Abigayle Clair, Alison Tebo, Tarissa Graves, Liv K. Fisher, Angela Watts, Jessica Wheaton, Tracey Dyke, and am already following Rebekah Morris.

    Favorite book– “The Case of the Missing Hero” by Perry Kirkpatrick.

    Prize I’d love to win– The Writer’s Packet Prize is super cool!!!



  18. Hi!

    Yup, I follow your blog. I enjoy it too. =P

    Favorite book? The Hoosier School master, by Edward Eggleston. Good 1800s book with good Christianity, adventure, relationships, and unforgettable characters. All the prizes look great, but probably the Writers pack. G2 pens are wonderful. =D

    I visited all the participating blogs–I even chased down Angela’s. 😉

    I commented on Read Another Page (Rebekah).

    I followed (or am already following): Kate, Jesseca Wheaton, Claire Rachel, Rebekah Morris, and Angela Watts.


    Liberty Bluebelle

    “Rejoice evermore.”


  19. I already follow your blog
    I think you mean favorite book in the giveaway – well “coughs and blushes” – I’d have to say my own, The Reluctant Godfather.
    I’m really hoping to win the Writers Packet – ‘salivates’ – all those notebooks!
    I visited all of the participating bloggers – including myself! 😀
    I already follow Tracey, Angela and Kate.
    I already subscribed to you on Youtube
    I follow you on Pinterest.
    I believe that’s thirty points for me…. 😀


  20. I followed you on Pinterest and followed all the participants. I commented on most of the blogs. I have too may favorite books to mention. I would be happy to win any of the prizes. Thank you for this generous giveaway.


  21. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel, visited and followed every blog on the list!!! All of the prizes look so amazing I couldn’t decide. My favorite book, hardest question ever. But if I have to choose it would be When The Smoke Clears, by Lynette Eason.


  22. Wow! This blog party has been a ton of fun!

    If I truly had to select just one favorite book, I think it’d be Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson. 🙂 I’m following your blog, Victoria, and I visited all the other bloggers’ posts.

    Bonus entries:
    +10 visited all 10 blogs
    +20 followed all 10 blogs
    +10 commented on each blog
    +1 Youtube follow (Pixel Berry Pie Designs)
    +1 Pinterest follow (pixelberrypie)


  23. This is so creative, Victoria!!
    1) I followed you blog
    2) My favorite book is probably The Heart of Arcrea by Nicole Sager. 🙂
    I just hope I can win some books and maybe that cute bag. 😉 (Any of the prizes would be AWESOME!!)
    3) and I visited all the participating bloggers

    – Lilly Shyree (


  24. 1: check!

    2: I haven’t read any of the books above, BUT I will say that one of my favorites of all time was “Salt to the Sea” by Ruta Septys… amazing. As for the books I hope to win… well, I’ve already heard SO MUCH about the top four, so I guess it’d be any of those! (Especially Martin Hospitality haha)

    3: check check check!

    4: just did!

    ~ visited and subscribed to every blog!
    ~ commented on every blog too!
    ~ aaaaand I followed you on both YT and Pinterest:)

    AHHH this is so cool, thank you so much Victoria!


  25. This blog party is so much fun, Victoria!

    I’d love to win the second prize, and one of my favorite books is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Those are my three requirements!

    Beyond that, I followed your Pinterest and subscribed to your YouTube.

    I left a comment on:
    Allison’s Well
    The Left-Handed Typist
    In the Bookcase

    I followed:
    Allison’s Well
    The Left-Handed Typist



  26. Such a fun party, Victoria! If I had to choose a book from the prizes, I think it would be London in the Dark! 😉 I’ve already read and enjoyed The Reluctant Godfather.

    I have visited and commented on all the blogs. I also followed your blog and your Pinterest. 🙂


  27. Fun give away!
    1: I followed you
    2: My favorite book is The Mystery of the Silver Coins. I hope to win the Writer’s stuff. 🙂
    3: I visited all the participating bloggers (that should be 10 bonus points because I visited all of them)

    Beth (


  28. This is such an awesome giveaway, Victoria. I do follow your blog, and I think it’s quite unfair to ask for my favorite book as if I could name just one. I have favorites within so many different genres. LOL One of my favorite classics is Silas Marner, though. I hope to win the second prize.

    I visited all the participating bloggers and followed all of them. (Most of them I already had been following.) And I followed you on Youtube and left a comment on Allison’s blog.


  29. *waves* 🙂 (Seems I’m reading your party posts out of order, LOL!)

    I follow your blog.

    Favorite book? Like, favorite book ever? *sweats* Uuuh. I guess I’ll go with LOTR, there are so many wonderful books in the world I can’t truly pick just one! I would, of course, love to win first prize to get me some free books and a lovely tote, but I’d alternatively be happy to win the writer’s packet, as I’ve recently discovered I have more use for journals than I previously thought.

    I visited all the participating bloggers.

    I already follow Kate’s and Allison’s blogs and I just followed Liv’s and Tracey’s.

    I am subscribed to your YouTube and Pinterest.


    • Haha! That’s okay Beth. I still need to read LOTR. *ducks* Please don’t throw anything at me. I have been told I am not aloud to watch the movie unless I read the books, so I figure I better get to it then.
      Thanks for joining in the fun!


      • *psst* *whispers* I watched the movies first myself. And before that, I played the LEGO LOTR video game. Didn’t hurt my ability to enjoy the books one bit and probably helped me follow the story better even if there are some things in the books that didn’t happen/they didn’t have time for in the movies. 😉


  30. I would love to enter this giveaway! Ok, I followed your blog. I have no idea what my favorite book is. That is too hard to choose. There are SO many good books. Maybe Catching fire. I would love to win the writers one.

    I visited all of the blogs.

    I followed you on youtube and Pinterest.


      • Yes, he is a great author! I also visited all the blogs for the contest thing and can’t wait to read more from them. Just curious, how did you find and choose them all? I am a friend of Claire Rachel’s and as I follow her blog, found out about your blog through hers. Here is my blog if you want to check it out!
        Your blog looks awesome and I am excited to read more of these book recommendations and blog posts. I can’t wait to read more! We actually sound a lot a like. I am also homeschooled and LOVE reading and writing! I would love to be a author. My favorite blog is ( blog done by the authors of Do Hard Things) another of my favorite books. We should exchange fav book lists, if you want. BTW, just curious how did you find Claire’s blog?


  31. EEK such an awesome giveaway!

    1 ~ Be a follower of my blog.
    2 ~ Comment with the title of your favorite book and what prize you hope you win!
    Ack. Um… how about favorite this month? That would probably go to The Girl Who Could See, which really enjoyed. And I want to win… Everything, haha. The prizes are so good! But probably the book one because #BOOKS.
    3 ~ visit the participating bloggers.
    4 ~ Notify me that you did all three above requirements in your comment.

    And for bonus entries, I:

    Visited all the blogs.
    Commented on six of the blogs.
    Followed six of the blogs.
    I also followed your Pinterest and YouTube. (How was I not following your YouTube, anyway?)

    Thank you for hosting an amazing giveaway and congrats on 200 followers!


  32. Wow, this is an awesome giveaway!
    My favorite book is Annabeth’s War by Jessica Greyson and all the prizes look amazing! But second prize does look pretty amazing!
    I follow your blog.
    I visited every blog.
    I follow Kate Willis, Abigayle Claire, Rebekkah Morris, Jesseca Wheaton, and Tracey Dyck.
    I commented on Kate Willis’s post and Rebekkah Morris’s.

    Thank you so much for hosting this!!


  33. *cries because I thought this giveaway ended on the 26th and I put off adding up my entires and commenting* OH WELL! XD On a sidenote, I do follow 3+ of those lovely blogs. 😀


  34. Okay I finally made a pinterest account and followed your YT.
    +17 points for visiting all of the blogs.
    +34 points for following all of the blogs.
    +1 for visiting all of your favorite posts.
    +1 for sub to your YT.
    +1 for following you Pinterest
    54 points


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