Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway Winners 2017

I am so sorry for my reticence in getting these out. BUT HERE THEY ARE! Congrats to the winners! Please be sure to contact me as soon as possible to claim your prize. And watch the video. You have 1 week to contact me and claim your prize. If I don’t hear from you before the 14th of September, I will have to give your prize to someone else. Ignore the date in the video. The calendar apparently wasn’t changed to September yet. Open-mouthed smile Enjoy!


Fashion Giveaway

Fashion Giveaway winner:

Book Crazy!

Bookerly Giveaway

Bookerly Giveaway winners:

First choice: Karis

Second Choice: Lilly Shyree

Third Choice: Nwilson9123

Congrats everyone! Be sure to email me at rufflesandgrace(at) to claim your prizes!

Love you all!

By God’s Grace,


9 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

  1. Congrats all winners!!! Ok, Victoria, WHERE DID YOU GET THE BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR YOUR VIDEO?????? It is SO cute, and I love music like that!!! Could you tell me where you got it?


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