Writing Prompt 048


Writing Prompt 048


“Let me out I say!” Lydia stamped her foot and growled through the door. The hellish giggles from without made her bite her lip with vexation. To have been locked in the library of her uncle’s house with no one about to save her but those hellions on the other side of the door made her blood boil – and her face heat with embarrassment. Hopefully someone with sympathy found her here. She kicked against the door again and collected herself to be able to contain her frustration verbally. “Boys, see here. Let’s talk about this reasonably. I have some lovely candies in my room that I would be more than happy to share with some good little boys who unlock the door and let out their prisoner.” She held her ear against the door, waiting to hear some reply.

All that reached her attentively listening faculties was a few whispers, then some scampering feet. The silence that followed made her want to tear at her hair and scream. She shouted through the door instead. “Let me out! Don’t leave me here!” When no response met her burning red ears, she folded her arms and strode across the room, turning about and following in the steps that she had just made. Pacing with heavy stamping footsteps one way, then the other. Stamp stamp stamp stamp, turn, stamp stamp stamp stamp. Her white skirt swished around the ankles of her button up boots and her black hair flew in her face as she turned. Annoyed, she shoved the frizzy curly locks out of her eyes. “What utter scamps! To lock me in here. They had no right! I was simply minding my own business, getting a book, and SLAM!” She smacked her hands together, ignoring the sting that resulted. “I was locked in! Con – Con!” The rude word on the tip of her tongue threatened to come out. Her ladylike capabilities kept it back for a few seconds before it tumbled out. “Confound it!” Her ears turned even redder at the realization she had said such an unladylike word.

Hours passed and she calmed down enough to sit and read the book that she had been in the library to fetch in the first place. After several hours of reading and having watched the dinner hour pass on the clock with an empty stomach, she was bored out of her mind and feeling just about ready to burst into tears instead of simmer with anger. The fact that no one had even warranted it important to even find out why she was missing from the dinner table really frustrated her. With a lack of anything else to do, she tidied her uncle’s somewhat messy library and stoked the fire, tossing on the remaining log in the carrier. It was chilly tonight. Spending Christmas at her uncles house was absolutely the worst idea ever. Who knew cousins could be such absolute nitwits? The presents she had gotten for them were going right back to the store. The tin soldiers and sweet meats would not be entering the hands of the infamous and detestable James and Connor.

Darkness had started to fall outside and it was too dark to read unless she sat too close the fire. “What if I have to spend all night here?” She groaned. “Lord, send someone.”

The doorknob was tried by someone, then the intruder pounded on the door. “What is the meaning of this? Unlock the door please! Who is in there?”

“It’s me! Uncle! Please let me out!” She sprang to the door and knocked back.

“Good heavens! Lydia is that you?” Came the disgruntled and surprised voice from the other side.

“Yes! Yes it is me! Please let me out!”

“Well, I am glad to hear that your headache must have improved.”

“What?” Lydia was exasperated. What was the dear man talking of?

“James and Connor said you had told them to let us know that you had a dreadful headache and wouldn’t be coming to dinner. We were sorry you missed it dear.”

“Oh for the love of all that is good. . .” Lydia muttered under her breath. “But I don’t have a headache!”

“I beg your pardon? Well, Lydia dear, you know it would be far easier to converse if the door was opened. Do, be a dear and unlock it please.”

Lydia let her head fall against the door. Lord give me strength. “But I CAN’T open the door uncle. That is what I have been trying to tell you. I don’t have the key.”

“Well, dear me, who does then? You couldn’t have locked the door without the key.” He sounded so confused.

“I didn’t lock the door. James and Connor locked me in here, FROM THE OUTSIDE.”

“Goodness! You don’t say!? Well, there is no key here now.”

Good heavens! Would she never get out? Is this what being trapped felt like? Lydia thought she might feel the walls closing in. And why was she feeling light headed?


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