Pattern Mixing and Feeling Myself







Fall is on it’s way. . . Well, it is kind of here, but at the same time, where I live at least, Summer is hanging on for dear life. It was warm enough for air conditioning last week and it is super dry. This outfit was actually from at least a month ago, but I would totally still wear this seasonally.

With my new job and the dress code of “90% black” I didn’t realize how much I missed color. I put this outfit on and got so excited I was jumping up and down on my toes. I felt like myself for the fist time in a long time! This outfit was one that I stepped out of the house with pride, my head held high and finding joy in my clothes. It might feel like such a little thing, and I know that with Christ, we can be confident in any color, but this felt like me. The pattern mixing was fun, the skirt had color and the stripes with white added some brightness to my face. This outfit, hair, makeup etc felt so me it was like a second skin. I was floating the rest of the night and felt like twirling wherever I went and I even danced in the completely vacated restroom at the movie theatre.

Fashion, how can that be important? I know it is trivial. God has so many huge things out there for us to do, but little things can be important too. I found joy in such a silly thing such as what I was wearing, but it was a delightful feeling. How we present ourselves can be important, and it isn’t always about what others see us as. It is also about how we feel about ourselves. I felt confident, pretty, and modest in this outfit and it showed on my countenance and in my heart as a result.

So I would encourage you, if you are looking for something fashion wise to do differently with your style or your wardrobe, when you come across an outfit that makes you feel the way that this one did me, learn from that and use that knowledge to build your wardrobe into a closet full of clothes that you feel the most beautiful in. Life is too short to be wearing clothes you hate. Open-mouthed smile

///Outfit Details///

Top: Old Navy $8

Skirt: Amazon here $15

Sandals: Payless Shoe Source last summer $15

Earrings: Claire’s (gift)

Necklace: Vintage Market

Lip Color: Lo’real Infallible Lip Color in the shade Peach Pitt.


Do you have an outfit that makes you feel this way? Was there ever a time you felt super confident in what you were wearing?

By God’s Grace,


12 thoughts on “Pattern Mixing and Feeling Myself

  1. You might have already mentioned this in previous posts..but where specifically do you work? I’m curious as to what jobs out there require all black! I know Ulta does 🙂


  2. That outfit is SO adorable!!! I love those shirts from Old Navy–so comfy!

    I understand what you mean about not feeling yourself having to wear a “uniform”. Just remember, though, that people are attracted to you because of your smile and how you treat others, not because of what you wear. So smile big, rock that black dress code, and enjoy wearing bright colors when you can! 🙂

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  3. Oh Victoria this outfit absolutely works!!!!!! Pattern mixing is fun! 🙂

    Please do share your black outfit mix ups and ideas…. I am in an orchestra, and the dress code is all black, which I can find monotonous! I love pops of color, and it’s tough to sometimes walk out of the house with no color!


  4. You have such great taste, Victoria. I wouldn’t have thought to put stripes with a flower print, but it works so well! I know what you mean when you talk about an outfit that makes you feel good, and I’m glad this one does that for you. 🙂


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