BOUND: Blog Tour Day 3

bound blog tour banner

Welcome to day 3!

So Pinterest is obviously a huge part of a writer’s life. It makes it incredibly fun as we try to envision our books. Often times, we create these pictures in our head and then find something incredibly similar on pinterest, but with more color, more depth, more detail than our minds could ever conjure up. A picture is worth a thousand words. Often times finding that perfect image just makes my heart sing. It brings my fantasy’s to realities and makes me feel as though I am capturing the image with just the right words. So below, I created a collage/mood board for Bound. You can browse the rest of the pinterest board if you click on the image.


Bound Mood Board

Background story:

When I first started writing this story, it was inspired by a picture prompt I had put together for my blog. When I finished and published it, I couldn’t help but write more. My brain was spinning with ideas and they needed to be written. I did little to no planning for this book and it just s…pun of the tip of my pen in only two months. When I was done, I was astonished that I had written it in such a short time and I was even more astonished to realize that when I read back over it, there were things that I couldn’t remember writing. Story twists and plots and character arcs that were so profound, I surprised myself. I can’t help but feel that the Lord has a plan for this story and I continue to say, a year after writing that rough draft, that He inspired me and directed the writing of this work. The feedback I have already gotten has only proven to reinforce that.

Today’s Participants:

~ Liv Fisher from  Liv K. Fisher : Spotlight

~ Leona Ruth from  Great Books For God’s Girls : Review/Interview


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you havent already! You can do that here!

If you copy the link of an image from my pinterest board in the comments, I’ll explain the story behind that pin!

By God’s Grace,


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