BOUND Giveaway Winners!

EPP! Ya’ll! Thank you so much for entering the giveaway! I wish I could give each of you something. . . but the best I can do is an air hug! LOL!

Bound Giveaway

So, drumroll for the winners please!

The 3, second place winners.

~ Jazzy!

~ Anna Willis!

~ Faith Potts!

If you ladies don’t hear from me in a few days, feel free to email me so that I can send you your ebooks! Congratulations!

And now. . .

The Grand Prize Winner!

~ Angela R. Watts!

Congratulations! I will be emailing you soon!

Thank you all so much for participating! You all are fabulous! If you didn’t win and want a copy of Bound, you can email me for a signed copy and psst. . . I sell them cheaper than amazon does. Open-mouthed smile You can email me at rufflesandgrace(at) or, you can purchase the book here!

By God’s Grace,


6 thoughts on “BOUND Giveaway Winners!

  1. Woah! I can’t believe I actually won something!!! Congrats to Faith and Jazzy!
    And OMW Angela!!! How shall you choose a tshirt??!! #jealousyougetapaperbackcopyofBound lol ;P You will have to take pictures with it for your blog so I can see it! 😉

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