Black Friday Sale Announcement/Review/Interview

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a special announcement! I, along with 40+ other Christian Indie Authors are joining together to off you all some fabulous deals on books this holiday season. The sale officially kicks off on the 24th through the 30th.

I am not kidding when I say these are some amazing deals.

Like. . .

I can’t even!

Save up. I, for one am guarding my pocket book for dear life so that I can purchase some of these lovely books at a steep discount that you won’t find for at least another year, if ever again. Last year I had the privilege of purchasing Jaye L. Knights Ilyon Chronicles series as well a book by J. Grace Pennington. The sales were so great, I couldn’t resist and I had been waiting to buy them for some time. If you have been wanting to purchase any of these books for a while, now is a great excuse! Not to mention that a lot of these books would make some fabulous Christmas gifts!

This is the link to where you want to shop.

You can also enter a giveaway for an amazon gift card here!



So I decided to read J. Grace Pennington’s book October. This book grabbed me when I saw that she had released it. I love books like this and this one sounded so promising. Not to mention, the cover made me swoon. SO PRETTY! *all the heart eyes*

I am here to tell you that it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This is a book that most people wouldn’t expect from the author who writes predominately  sci-fi. But I was enthralled. It was just the kind of book that I love.

A sweet, hometown, simple, but heartbreaking story of young people who become friends.

To most that might sound boring, but I have to say, THIS. . . this is why I write. Pennington took what most would call a simple story and made it beautiful. Her word pictures made me swoon, bringing to mind master’s of the art such as Louisa May Alcott and L.M. Montgomery.

So beautiful. It was a simple, heartwarming, sweet story that I can’t wait to share with others! This is the kind of fiction that started me as a reader. It is reminiscent of authors that I have loved and adored since I was ten. Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, stories such as these have died in recent eras and I am so happy that Pennington decided to bring that same feel back and bring it to the modern century. I don’t know what else to say but that I loved it!

Characters that are real, beautiful, unique, quirky, but NORMAL. A story that was like a relaxing, smooth boat ride down a slowly winding stream. Pennington took us to a place of sweetness and pathos that I can’t wait to go to again. Cozy reading at it’s finest.

One tiny quibble that I had was that the 17+ year old characters felt a little young for their ages, but aside from that. Wonderful!

Needless to say, I CANNOT wait to order a copy on the black friday sale!


Thank you for joining me today Grace! I am so excited to have you on Ruffles and Grace!

Thank you for having me!  I’m excited to be here.

1) What inspired the book? What made you decide to write it?

I was ironing clothes one fall day about five years ago and suddenly started getting images in my mind of scenes that were loosely based on things that friends and I had experienced.  Just a few scenes, which I wrote down, and then thought of a few more.  I just wrote those first parts because I couldn’t get them out of my head, then later, when I had more distance from some of the events and people that had inspired those pieces, I pulled them together into a full story.  It’s been very close to my heart ever since that day, addressing issues and truths that I wish more people talked about.

2) Where did the character of October come from?
October is a version of myself, though with a very different background and therefore different manifestations.  That said, the story is not autobiographical at all.  It’s complete fiction with real people as its characters.  I think it’s a bit like what C. S. Lewis called “supposal.”  Suppose that my name was October, and that I’d grown up very differently and had dealt differently with my issues, and suppose that I went to a small town and befriended two very dear people.  What would that look like?

3) What is your favorite genre to write? I know you like SciFi a lot and this is a very different book. Did you enjoy it as much or more than scifi? Or was this book hard for you to write?
I do gravitate towards science-fiction, and yes, this is very different.  I don’t think I enjoyed it either more or less than sci-fi.  It was just such a completely different process than my other books.  In some ways it was almost easier, because I don’t have to build a world or a future, and I really didn’t even have to create the characters–I took a world and people that already existed and just wove those threads into a story.  But on the other hand it was harder, because it was so much more personal and sad than anything else I’ve written.

4) What is one of your biggest encouragements to yourself in your writing?
I’ve been writing long enough that I know that no matter how hard it is or how much I may hate the words I’m writing, when I’m finished it will be worth it.  Once I’m past the first hurdle, I’ll be able to look back on the story and see it more clearly and have something to work with in the editing process.  Thus I’m able to look forward to that point and propel myself onward when my feelings try to tell me it’s not worthwhile.

5) What is something you would say to encourage another writer?
I would say just keep going!  So many people dream of writing, and so few people really accomplish it and persevere to the end of their projects.  But we all have stories worth telling, stories that can bless others.  The only way to get those stories out into the world, is to push through the process even when it’s hard and you’re convinced that this is the worse writing the world has ever seen.  Because you will reach that point.  But on the other side you’ll have a story–and you will have accomplished something so many only wish for.

6) What is your favorite writing beverage?
I like Crystal Light, especially peach mango flavor.  For awhile I stopped drinking it because I was avoiding aspartame, but somehow lately it seems I just can’t write without my cup of Crystal Light and my bowl of raw sunflower seeds!  Maybe I’ll find something more natural later, but for now I’m satisfied with that.

Thank you so much for being willing to join me today Grace! It has been a pleasure!
Thank you for having me, Victoria!  The pleasure is mine!

A few more details about the sale. As previously mentioned, my books are also for sale with some pretty deep discounts as well as loads of other authors who have decided to come together to do the same. It is October 24-30, so act fast.

Are you excited about the sale?

By God’s Grace,


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