Tips on How To Curl Your Hair and Make It Last

How to curl your hair

1 ~ Use a curling wand, not an iron.

Trust me, I have compared the two and if you are going to use one, get a wand. They work so much better. The method of twisting the hair as it goes around the barrel creates a more long lasting curl versus a curling iron that you keep the hair flat against and then it has no friction to keep it curled. Here are few options for inexpensive ones that are a great bang for your buck.

Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand with Pearl Ceramic Technology, CI9538D        Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand 1 ea

I have personally owned the pink one. If you are wanting to spend some money, go with NUME brand. I have their Octowand and it was worth the near $100 I spent on it. They will probably be running a pretty fabulous Black Friday/holiday sale pretty soon. And, let me tell you, they do discount them severely. You could walk away with a wand pretty inexpensively.

2 ~ Use a high heat for shorter time.

Again, I have tested this one out. I set my iron at 350 at least, sometimes 400. That might sounds scary, but if you leave your hair on the barrel for a shorter time, it is actually safer for your hair. I would highly recommend you use a heat protectant of some sort, especially if you are doing it regularly. I only curl my hair once a week, if that, so I don’t use one. But if you have fragile hair or do it somewhat frequently, I would recommend it.

3 ~Start with clean, brushed hair.

Starting with clean hair is always a good idea just because if your curls last for days, you don’t feel like you just put all that work into it only to wash it the next day. These curls have the potential to last for several days, so you don’t want to waste that time and the heat applied to your hair. Brushing it first is also a must so you aren’t curling the kinks and knots into your hair. That might seem like a no brainer, but it is always a good idea.

4 ~ Section your hair.

If you want some fabulous curls, they are more likely to stay if you take smaller sections and curl those one at a time versus just splitting your hair in two. There are several different ways to curl your hair, but again, if you want them to last for a while, do the smaller sections. I usually split my hair in 4 sections crossways across my head and then pile them on top of my head, curling the bottom one first. When that is done, I let the next section down and curl that. . . etc. You get the idea.

5 ~ Sleep with it on top of your head.

Every night, before bed, I loosely wrap my hair around in a bun on top of my head, doing my best not to damage the curls or pull them tight. I prefer clips, but in years past a pony holder has worked as well. The clips are better because you don’t have to worry about pulling the elastic out of your curly hair and potentially wrecking any curls. In the morning, pull out the clips and shake out them curls! It’s as easy as that. With the bun instead of leaving them down, first of all, you won’t be rolling on top of your hair like I do( if you have long hair) But you won’t be tangling or tossing those curls so much. They are up and out of the way which keeps them pristine and perfect!

6 ~ Use a comb instead of a brush.

In between days, your hair is naturally going to get tangled if you wear it down. When you comb it out before bed, use a comb not a brush. The brush will make the hair strands frizzy, static and pull the curls out. The comb is much gentler and won’t leave that static feeling to the hair. Unless your hair is prone to it. Then, it will just happen regardless. Unfortunately.

7 ~ Use a leave in conditioner.

If you use product, ( I don’t, which is why I prefaced my sentence with that) a great spray, leave in conditioner would work great for that second, third or fourth day curl. Spray that in, smooth out the hair, and your curls will look brand new. This will also help cut down on frizz and flyaways, especially in the winter. . .those static months.

Well, there you have it! 7 tips and tricks for curling your hair and making it last. I am hoping to do a video series on different ways to curl your hair coming up soon.

Did you find these tips helpful? Would you be interested in Hair Curling video tutorials?

By God’s Grace,


8 thoughts on “Tips on How To Curl Your Hair and Make It Last

  1. I would be interested in your video series. Every time I try to curl my hair, it comes out great, but then usually my hair is straight in 2-4 hours. Curls don’t hold very well in my head. I’ve always used a curling iron, but I think I should try a wand.
    Thanks for the tips!


  2. These are awesome tips. My hair is short, but very thick, so I often get lazy and don’t layer it, so I’ll have to remember to fix that. 😉 Video tutorials would be epic!


  3. This is great!! I really need to step into Walmart and get myself a wand… to tell you the truth, I’ve never really even seen what one looks like. I’ve heard of it but have always settled for a regular curling iron. I’ve been trying to take more time on my hair lately. I hate cutting it!!

    – Lilly 🙂


  4. Great tips! I think I’ll try a few of them! The other day I curled my hair with overnight curlers for a reenactment. I was quite happy with them and I tried to keep them alive for several days. Now, after not fully brushing my hair since Sat., it’s all rat’s nests and I have to get out all the knots before tomorrow morning! Ahh! I’m going to go get my brush now. . .
    ~ Megan Joy


  5. I used to curl my hair with a regular curling iron but as soon as I did the left side of my hair the right side was already straight. I bought a spiral curler last year and my hair stays curled all day. It’s really cool!


  6. I used to never be able to get my hair to curl! But then I got a Nume curling wand and now it does! It doesn’t have heat settings, so it stays at 400 degrees, but you only have to leave it in for 5 seconds, and if it was lower heat, I’d have to leave it in much longer, so it doesn’t seem that bad! And yes, I always use a heat protectant spray. I got mine last year and it was on a great sale. I think it was $30 or something like that. The only thing is that the curls start to fall out by the end of the day, and I definitely don’t get them to last into the next day. I wish I could though, because that’d be so cute!


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