Why I Am Passionate About. . .


Why I am passionate about_

My parents weren’t musical. My Grandma taught piano lessons for a few years when she was younger. But aside from that, there is no musical tradition or background in our family.

The only thing I can say about the fact that I am passionate about music is that God gave me that passion. I started piano early since my older brothers were starting and there was no way I was going to be left out. At the age of 4, I started learning. My feet couldn’t touch the floor and I sat atop that piano stool swinging my legs and learning all about the notes a – g and how to play on the black keys. My older brother just above me took to piano really well, and for some reason there became quite q competition between us. Well, mostly just for me. It was my goal in life to stay caught up with Joshua at all costs. When he was better than me, which was inevitable because he was, after all, four years older than me, I would just try harder, practice more and move ahead in my books. I know my piano teacher had to pull me back numerous times due to the fact that I forged ahead just to get ahead instead of taking my tiem and learning my pieces the way I should have.

I also loved to sing. Not in front of people mind you. I had this weird paranoia that people were constantly judging my voice. When we were in church even, drowned out by the speakers and then the several other hundred people singing, I would only mouth the words to the song because I was worried that someone would hear me. Super silly thing to think of course, but I let that fear grow in my life till I was crippled at the thought of someone hearing my singing voice. I would sing to myself once I went to bed at night and I developed an incredibly wimpy voice by singing quietly. I have been told by my parents that they had stood outside my door to hear me on numerous occasions.

One day, I was outside on a picnic blanket with a knitting project, being all romantic and old fashioned and I asked a younger sibling for a hymnal. I just started singing the ones I knew to keep myself occupied. My mom heard it through her open window and later encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and start singing for people.

It took a lot to get there, but I finally conquered my fear, though, I won’t lie, It still pops up occasionally. But, I think it an incredibly testimony to God’s help getting through that that I have now sung the national anthem numerous times at baseball games in front of hundreds of people.

I also listened to music as much as I could growing up and it wasn’t until my mid to late teens that I started choosing my own music and exploring . Music is my life blood I feel at times. It fuels me. There is nothing like it to get me going or make me feel a certain way. My parents did the best they could and I have now been playing piano for 17-18 years now. They encouraged me to use my gifts, to cultivate them and to be strong in the gifts the lord gave me. I am so thankful for their willingness and the way they have pushed all of us children to pursue what we loved. All of us kids share a connection through music that is special. All of us have taken lessons and cultivated our gifts. IT is something that will stay with me the rest of my life and I am grateful to my parents for their hand in it.

Do you like music? Do you play an instrument?

By God’s Grace,


8 thoughts on “Why I Am Passionate About. . .

  1. Hey, that is really cool!! I love to sing, and really want to do it for a living, but…..not sure where to start. 😛 🙂 I am also shy and would probably die if I had to sing in front of people. 😛 But this is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I play the piano and guitar a little bit but am not very good. 😛 And music is totally like, the most amazing thing on the world!!!! My favorite singer/band is called Tenth Avenue North. They are just an amazing band and there songs are…….I don’t even know….I don’t have words to describe there amazingness. 🙂 You should check them out! 😀


  2. That is awesome Serena! You can do it! Work yourself up to singing in front of people. Start with your family where it feels safe, then work your way up. God will give you the courage! I love Tenth Avenue North as well! Have for years. My brother has actually gotten to work for them at one of their concerts. Definitely a group of gifted gentlemen.


    • You do?!?! Yes they are super, amazing and gifted!!! 😀 I love Tenth Avenue North so much!!!! They are the most amazing ever!! 😀 What did you brother do? Here is my blog 🙂


  3. I love music so much! I always want to listen to something, whether I’m on the computer or just about to fall asleep. (I always have a CD on at night). I love different artists, but since I don’t get tired of my favorite songs, I usually don’t travel outside of my top five favorite artists. 😉

    I play the banjo, and I love playing with my siblings. I’m fine playing in public, (we’ve played and sung in church several times, and I actually performed in a small instrument contest) but I dislike practicing by myself with other people around. I try to play as quietly as possible, which isn’t ideal… 😛


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  4. Music is such a powerful thing! And I do have to admit that when I was little, and we came to a hymn I didn’t know very well, I would just mouth the words, so in case I sang the wrong note, no one would hear me! I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me!
    I enjoy playing the fiddle, mandolin, banjo, harp, piano, flute, and a few others, and I love them all! I feel so blessed that I have been able to collect so many instruments, although we have nearly no more wall space in our music room due to all the “Swing Strings!” My little family bluegrass band has, at the moment, come to a halt, but we hope to resurrect it soon! Although I don’t like performing or competing by myself, it’s much better when you’ve got family up on stage with you. 🙂 Anyway. . . Thanks for this post! I loved it!
    ~ Megan Joy


  5. I love music, too (that seems to be the story of everyone who has commented so far… :P)! I play piano, violin, and I just started organ this summer. 🙂 I’m not much of a singer, though. 😉
    I enjoyed reading this post! Are you going to turn it into a series? I got that impression… 😉


  6. I play piano as well and absolutely LOVE playing it. While I do not have a natural talent for music and have to work really hard at being able to play the piano well, I definitely want to continue to cultivate the talent the Lord has given me and blessed me with! Wonderful post! I really enjoyed hearing your testimony of how God helped you get over your fear of singing in public. He is always so very, very, very good!


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