Writing Prompt 053



“Come along Lucy.” Susan snapped her fingers at her little Yorkshire terrior. She yipped and trotted after her mistress, her little legs working hard to keep up with Susan’s long ones. Susan put her hands in her coat pockets and was thankful that she had put on her thick walking shoes. The ground was damp. The pungent smell of mowed grass prickled her nose and she breathed deep of the scent. The gravel two track stretching out beneath her feet made her heart pitter patter. The open road had always attracted her. Something about not knowing what lay beyond the next turn exhilarated her.

She had always loved adventure stories. The Chronicles of Narnia had been read to tatters in her hands and the fact that she had the same name as one of the main characters had only increased her enjoyment of the stories. Hence also, the reason she had named her pup Lucy. They were inseparable.Read More »

Writing Prompt 052


She was a lost soul.

They would catch her wandering the shores occasionally, her head down as she searched for shells. They thought nothing of the ragamuffin waif who most said was a ghost and nothing more. She only appeared to a few and then only on foggy days. The coast of Maine was not always something you would expect to see a young girl exploring by herself. Especially in the fog and the cold.

Only a few had seen her close enough to describe her. A tattered sweater, rubber boots and the perpetual haversack over her shoulder. Hair pulled back and tossed about by the wind. One minute she was there, then the next she was gone. No one had ever chased after her or felt the need to learn more about her. To them, she was a wraith who only existed to those with overactive imaginations.

Until Genevieve St Claire arrived.Read More »

A Question of Courage Release

Hello everyone! This turned into a two-header Saturday! You are welcome. 😀 Jesseca allowed me to pop into the blog tour last minute because I couldn’t give up the chance to share her latest book with you! I am so proud of her! I had the privilege of being one of her alpha readers and I can’t even begin to say how amazing it was! I don’t have a coherent review ready, but suffice it to say that it was UH-MAZING! She knocked it out of the park! Well done Jess!Read More »

Hair Care Update/Routine

I finally got around to it!

*face palm*

I filmed this video this summer and guess what. . . It is just now here! Yay! LOL! Such is life. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this update! I know a few of you have been asking. So without further ado, her tis!


Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be sure to answer them!

By God’s Grace,