Christmas Sweater Party Outfit


This year, the salon I work for had a Christmas party. It was fun, but it was one of those ugly Christmas sweater parties. I wanted something Christmas-y that I could still wear again, and the “ugly” ones on amazon I was looking at were far too “ugly”. So I guess I failed on the assignment for this party, but I don’t care. I ended up falling in love with this sweater and wearing it a lot. This sweater will definitely get quite a bit of use this winter! I enjoyed trying to mix my classy style with a Christmas sweater that might be considered a bit “ugly”.






~ Sweater: amazon here. $19.99
~ Black top: Cato’s $3
~ Pencil Skirt: Borrowed
~ Tights: Walmart $5
~ Shoes: Amazon here.
~ Hair Ribbon: random spool lying around.

Do you like ugly Christmas sweaters? What is your favorite sweater?

By God’s Grace,


6 thoughts on “Christmas Sweater Party Outfit

  1. So cute!! AND YOU AHVE SNOW!!! I’m so envious! We aren’t in a sport where we shouldn’t get snow, but we haven’t had any yet. 😦


  2. That’s not an ugly sweater, that’s cute! The sweaters I think are ugly are the ones that are made to be ugly by intentionally having pompoms and candy canes and lights and other silliness hanging off of them. (Once I even saw one with a half finished sleeve, knitting needles sticking out of the front and “IOU” tags hanging off it, LOL) But sweaters that just have patterns on them like the one you got are just fine, and I don’t blame you for wanting one you can wear again. 🙂


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