2017 Year in Review // Memories


Okay, so just know now that so many things happened in 2017 that trying to share them all would be like turning on a fire hose. So bear with me as I share the most noteworthy things.

March, I published my first ever novel, London in the Dark. I was incredibly blown away and in awe of the fact that God has let me do this. It is rated pretty highly on both amazon and goodreads and the fact that I have been able to bless people with my writing has blessed ME beyond belief.

April, my brother got engaged after a several month long courtship. THAT was exciting and awesome! But it also sent our family on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I also visited my friend in GA. Another special experience.

June, my bestie visited family in Michigan and I got to join them on an expedition to Mackinaw Island. My first time there and it was a super fun trip, though we were exhausted by time we got home.

July, I applied and received a job at the Rouge Salon and Spa. It was a HUGE adjustment and I came home mentally exhausted for several weeks. I have now been working there for over 6 months and have settled into a groove. Making time for writing and things like that has been a challenge because my propensity is to veg out when I am home. Which is NOT productive. Anyhoo. . .

August through September I was busy with every spare moment working on some random projects as well as creating a wedding dress for my soon to be sister-in-law. Talk about intense. I kept myself pretty cool, but it was a lot.

October was my brothers wedding. Whew! It was insanely beautiful and such a special time for our family. That day holds many special memories and reminders of God’s faithfulness. I was also working hard to get my second book ready for publication.

November: I published Bound and the blog tour ensued. As well as joining in several online sales such as a Facebook Christmas sale and the Indie Author Black Friday Sale. This month was intense and after some encouragement from God (and my mother) I decided to make sure I wasn’t taking on too much and that I was being purposeful in my commitments.

December: Due to my resolution to make sure that I had time with God and family and that I didn’t overextend myself, I was able to get caught up on some projects and not feel like I was run ragged. The holidays ended up being such a special time and I had such a blast getting to spend so much time with my family. We didn’t do anything super special, but it was special because we were together. The last two weeks have been some of the best of my life. So peaceful, happy, and filled with family and love. I also felt myself drawn to the Lord and seeking Him more. I felt Him speaking to my heart just before we were moving into a new year and I am so thankful for His presence and His wisdom that HE whispered to my heart.

What was a highlight from your 2017?

By God’s Grace,


9 thoughts on “2017 Year in Review // Memories

  1. Sounds like you had a great year, Victoria! I think one of my best moments was probably when I self published a short story in under a month. It’s not like the story was some world changing thing, it was just so exciting to write, finish, and publish so quickly!


  2. Thanks for sharing about your year! It was lovely to read your highlights – and what a year!

    One of my big higlights has been meeting and becoming close with YOU! 🙂 My year was partly made up of the craziness of my sister becoming a police officer and partly of taking a step back from college to rest and put other things before school. That was hard to do, but God really came through to teach me and give me peace. And when I went back to school in the fall, it made for an overall relaxed and peaceful semester! One other huge personal highlight was starting my part-time tutoring job I LOVE.


  3. “hugs” I know what a wild, crazy year it’s been for you Victoria – but I am so happy and excited for all the new beginnings in your life and the amazing things that you did and that you got through in 2017!

    I highlight for me last year would definitely be publishing The Reluctant Godfather, getting published in a magazine – AND MEETING YOU KNOW WHO! ❤

    I hope and pray that you have a beautiful, blessed 2018 full of God's guidance, sweet Victoria!


  4. You had an amazing and fruitful year, Victoria! 🙂
    However, no pictures from the wedding??? What? We’re all just languishing over here. . . I know I want to see the beautiful dress! 🙂
    Cheers from an equally cold Minnesota!


  5. Such a full year! Thanks for sharing.

    One of my biggest highlights was writing and finishing my Snow White retelling, “Moonsilver”. I’ve only been writing since 2014 and had not before finished something of that length, much less gotten beta reads, edited and submitted something of that length. It really boosted my confidence, both in my ability and in God’s caring nature, because I had to lean on him so much to get through the process and I’m 100% positive he sent me the inspiration and ability I needed to do that much in what seemed like a short amount of time. HE is faithful!

    And, like several of the others said, getting to know you had been a highlight as well. 🙂 I think we friended each other in Goodreads around this time last year and you’ve blessed my life with your writing, your honesty about life and how you see God working in it, and your sweet, kind personality. Love ya, girl! ❤


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