Floral Country Flair






I love this outfit! It allowed a little bit of my country flair to come out. Despite the fact that I am a classy, dressy girl to the core, I do love a country vibe every once in a while. These boots are some of my favorites. I love the subtle green color and I also love the ‘just-enough-of-a-heel’. And you can’t really go wrong with a floral skirt and a lace top. . . just sayin’.

I feel bad that I haven’t had as many fashion posts of late, but honestly, it seriously is because I wear black so much for work. And due to the fact that I made a HUGE purge of my closet and clothes that were in storage. Like, it is ridiculous. You have no idea how many things I got rid of. I just had SO MUCH that were things that were ‘only okay’. I wanted to get rid of all of the filler clothes that were distracting me from the items that I simply loved. So I did. The local thrift shop is welcome for the literal six GARBAGE BAGS full of clothes, shoes, coats and STUFF that I got rid of. I am sure there was more than that. It was insane. I was just done.

Anyhoo, since my closet has been so ravaged, there is not as many options. And I don’t often go out in the winter because of the weather and the roads, so I have been wearing a lot of bulky sweaters and leggings around the house with no make-up on my days off. Which is great. I love being cozy, but they don’t really make for good photo shoots. . . *shrug* I will be doing my best to get you some more posts and going through maybe some unused photos that I never posted about. I hope you enjoy them!


~Skirt – Amazon. Similar here. $12
~ Lace top – Thrifted. $3
~ Cardigan – Thrifted. $4
~ Tights – Borrowed.
~ Boots – Just Fab $25
~ Earrings – Purchased from a friend. I LOVE THESE! $3

Have you ever purged your closet?

By God’s Grace,


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