Writing Prompt #54 : Part 1

Two summers ago, I was a part of a email writing group. We had a lot of fun, but over the summer we were give a pictures that had 10 characters in it. We were also given 10 phrases that we somehow had to incorporate into each persons story. Over the course of the 10 weeks, we wrote a character per week and I thought I could share it here. I will do one character per week, as we originally wrote it. Some of the stories may be somewhat ludicrous, odd, or strange depending on what phrase we had to work into the story. I will also have you know, I wasn’t in charge of picking any of this. Our group leader did. LOL! Which made it quite interesting, having no control over what we were to write. I wanted it to be somewhat cohesive between the weeks though, so I set it in a fantasy/dystopian genre. It was very different for me, but here it is. Open-mouthed smile Also, I did write this two years ago and it isn’t anything publishing quality. Just some fun bit of a writing exercise. I hope you enjoy! I also wrote it starting with the character all the way to the left and working my way to the right each week.


Phrase to include: “I just realized how dangerous this could be.” “I’ve known it all along.”

Character #1


Liam was a leader; he always had been. He was the oldest child in his family and he took the responsibility of leading his 6 younger siblings seriously. He loved each and every one of them. From Sweet Lissie, to brave Jake, diligent Gordon, cheery Laura, and the little twins Ben and Buck. But life had changed in a drastic way. His father had died from a farm accident, his mother had worked so hard to save the farm, she became ill and died soon after. He had been merely 12 when this had happened. He had watched helplessly while his younger siblings were parceled off like unwanted puppies to people who said they would take care of them. The man who had taken in Liam had been a hard man. Drunken and abusive. Several years later, the man died in a drunken brawl. Before the ministers of state had come to take him away, Liam ran. He had a lead on where his younger sister Lissie was and it didn’t take long for him to find her. He convinced her to escape and they ran away together, scrounging up what they could and searching for their other younger siblings. This was how they came to find the others. They were all looking for a brighter future and running from the grownups who sought to control, abuse and use them. Liam had a plan.

“I just realized how dangerous this could be.” Lissie tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear before she rubbed her upper arms as if she were cold.

“I’ve know it all along.” Liam stared into the campfire. This was the only way they could have a future. With the Ministers of State and the government hot on their heels, he knew they had to do something. And leaving the country seemed like the only way.

“I’m scared. You know what they say about the border. Security is so tight a mouse can’t spit without being caught.”

“Then we will have to be quieter then mice”

“Liam, I’m serious.” Her face was so earnest and frightened, it twisted his gut to see it.

“I know, I am serious too. We’ll make it through this. We have too.” He could do this. After all, his father had been a soldier in his younger days. Liam fingered the government issued dog-tags that hung from his neck and savored the soft jangle sound they made. He wouldn’t let his father down.


What did you think? Are you excited for next weeks?

By God’s Grace,


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