*interrupts regular scheduled programming*

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Oh, hello there! So, I know it’s Tuesday, I know I rarely post today. . . but I had some news I wanted to share and I didn’t want to deprive you all of the writing prompt for tomorrow. Otherwise, I have a jam-packed schedule for this week and next. *hint hint* Blog tour on the way. I wanted to take this moment to interrupt the regular scheduled programming to give you some fun news! At least, I think it is fun. . . I’ll keep you updated after the first few days or so. It could be a mixed bag.

Announcement one. . .

You may know, or you may not know, that February is my birthday month. I wanted to do something special writing wise and I needed a way to challenge myself to get going again. So,

challenge + paired with something significant = motivation.

Here is the challenge. I am setting a goal to write 22,000 words in the month of February.

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I am pretty stoked about it! Hopefully that doesn’t wear off. . . It might only take a few days for me to get to the point where I am wondering “what was I thinking?”

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I will leave it to your imagination to figure out where the 22,000 came from. Open-mouthed smile Winner gets a cookie.

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Announcement number two. . .

I love when people/author friends tell me what they are working on, and I don’t do that very often. . . But that is about to change!!!!

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Here is the run down:

I am working on a modern suspense novel. . . It includes a girl who has amnesia, her introverted uncle and corporate conspiracy. Sound exciting?

I am also working on a short story for a contest. You can check out the contest info here, but I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!!!!! Like, I can hardly contain myself! It’s speculative, it has some dark foreboding vibes paired with an Inception like quality I can’t wait to try my hand at. I have only written the first paragraph, but I am in love with this story idea! If you can’t tell, I love trying something new when it comes to writing.

Those are the top two things I am working on. . . I know, I know. . .where is London #2 you ask?


Life is full of disappointment. . . JK. But really, I did take a small break. An eensy, teeny tiny one. . . Okay, being real. It’s been two months. I will get back to it! I will! But the mod suspense was really speaking to me and I needed to get that out of my system while it was filling my brain with all of these lovely ideas. Inspiration should not be denied. I have been receiving notes from Cyril, Olivia, Mrs. Hobbs and Harlow Doyle that they need me back in London. Things are not well on Tory Street and they have even resorted to telegrams and telephone messages left with my secretary. They are becoming more insistent as time goes on and I know I can’t leave them there for too much longer. That being said, London shall see the return of Victoria Lynn very soon Lord willing.

Announcement number three. . .

I am hosting a blog tour that starts on February 1st! In case you missed the sign-ups I posted about a few weeks ago, I will be hosting the tour for Tammy Lash’s book, White Wolf and the Ash Princess. So, if you want the chance to win some fun prizes, get to know an amazing author, and read some reviews, be sure to pop in during tour week! I am so excited for you to get to know this author and her amazing book!



Announcement number four. . .

This is less of an announcement and more of an inquiry. . . What do y’all think about changing the name of the blog? I know, this is sudden. . . I am so torn. . . I hate change to an extent, but it might be time for one. . . . Who am I to stop progress? As my focus keeps growing and I keep extending myself to more things than just fashion or seamstressing for my blog, I don’t want to outgrow this blog. Maybe my blog needs to grow with me? What are your thoughts? I am thinking of changing it to just Victoria Lynn. I am breaking the mold I originally set for myself and I don’t want to scare off potential readers because this is “super girly blog”. I love my feminine, side, but there is so much more to my life now than just Ruffles. I don’t know yet.


But I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think?

I think that’s it then. . . And thanks to my friend Allison Tebo for her constant inspiration to use gif’s. She is the gif queen and I wanted to be like her today. I always laugh and smile so hard at her posts, I couldn’t help but include them myself. Open-mouthed smile If you hated them, tell me, and I will never do it again. LOL!

See you tomorrow! By God’s Grace,


28 thoughts on “*interrupts regular scheduled programming*

  1. Perhaps the 22,000 has something to do with your birthday? 🙂
    It would be sad to change the blog name because I’m so used to saying “Ruffles and Grace.” It’s just fun to say. But because your blog has grown so much and includes a lot of writing now, I see why you are thinking about changing it.
    Good luck on the short story contest! It sounds interesting!
    ~ Megan Joy


  2. ALLISON’S HEART IS HAPPY. 😀 😀 😀 I am always delighted to see people picking up the Gif Bug! 😀 And these are fabulous. “laughs out loud”

    YIPPEE – SKIPPEE! I am so excited for you and all these announcements! That writing contest looks fun – I might enter, if I can! I am VERY curious about your speculative story, my dear! Sounds quite different!

    As far as changing your blog’s name – I definitely wouldn’t do just Victoria Lynn – that’s your author website and this is more your personal blog sooo… I personally love Ruffles and Grace – because even if you’re not talking about fashion (and P.S. sorry I DO realllly like your fashion posts and was very happy when you posted one recently) YOU are a ruffle-y, grace-filled girl – so I think the blog name still fits! If you reaaaaly wanted less girly (which I don’t think is necessary, but if you did) you could always just do something simpler – like an all white background instead of the subtle pink. It’s up to you, girl – but that’s my two cents.

    And here’s a gif! 😀 😀


  3. Hmm 22k. If it were my birthday month, it would be the date of my birthday, but I’m going to say it has something to do with your age. But of course the numbers might be mixed up. As in you might be turning 22 instead of 22. *Can I have my cookie now?*

    Changing the name of your blog might be a good idea. Or starting a new one so you have two. That’s what I did. They’re linked together, but I post on Friday on one blog, and on Tuesdays on the other. 🙂

    And just so you know, I personally don’t really care for gif’s. 😛 I don’t usually mind one or two, but a post full of them is likely to make me not keep reading. Sorry. *ducks under desk to escape possible wrath* They remind me too much of animation, and I always get a headache with animated films. So there’s my two cents worth. *peeks out to see if it’s safe*


  4. Hmm, 22,000…I’m guessing you chose that because you must be turning 22? 😉

    Haha, I know exactly what it’s like to have characters nag you to pay attention to them! XD Looking forward to whatever stories you put out. If you keep writing different things, I’m probably going to end up trying a lot of genres that are new to me just by reading your books! Which is a very good thing. 🙂

    While Ruffles and Grace is such a lovely name, it does make me think more of fashion and not so much of writing. At the same time I also just associate it with YOU and I can’t say I ever thought your writing posts seemed out of place here. I trust your judgement on whether to change it or not.

    The gifs are hilarious. XD I most definitely don’t hate them!

    Best wishes for the contest and all your other endeavors, Victoria!


  5. I agree with Allison about changing your blog name… I can’t wait for the blog tour… and I’m excited to see how much you can write! 🙂 I’m okay with gifs, but if there are a TON (like one every sentence), that is a bit overboard. I like how you spaced them in this post, however. 😉


  6. I’m probably not in your target demographic, but I still enjoy reading your posts. I admit I skip the fashion ones though. 🙂 I agree with the other commenters that the name of the site seems to fit really well and even if you make a shift in your content focus I think it would still work fine. Unless you decide to combine your blog here with your author site (which might be a good move in terms of SEO and exposure for your books) I think I’d leave the name, if it were me. But of course, it’s up to you!

    I will join my voice with Rebekah A. Morris and say that I’m not a fan of gifs either. LOL

    And happy 22nd birthday a few days early!


    • Thanks for the thoughts JD! It seems to be unanimous! I definitely want to combine sites for sure. Just still figuring out the logistics of it.
      Don’t worry, I don’t plan on using gifs very often. . . It was fun this once, but it doesn’t really fit my style. 😀
      And thanks for the early birthday wishes.


  7. I loved your update, Victoria! Especially the writing update! I am stoked for your new stories! You’ve got this! Is your suspense novel the one called Safe, or is it a more recent idea? Either way, it’s going to be awesome! And lol, I can relate to the characters hammering at the door. 😀 You’ll be back soon enough, though i hope they don’t get into too much trouble in the meantime. (You didnt mention Dudley, though…your fangirls will be sad if he’s absent.)

    I love your blog and blog name. It’s so YOU, and so is all the content, definitely including the writing, which is part of you, as is the blog name. I do feel like everyone else that it’s sweet and familiar and good.


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