White Wolf and the Ash Princess Blog Tour Kick-Off

Hello everyone! Happy Tour day! I am so excited to not only introduce an amazing book to you, but also an amazing person! So, welcome to the blog Mrs. Tammy Lash!

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Hi Tammy! Thank you so much for being here! Before we get started, do you have anything you want to say to the readers?

Thanks, sweetie! You’re pretty dog-gone amazing yourself! Hey, everyone! *Wild, happy waves*.  I’m super excited to be here with you and Victoria! My buddy says she has quite the line up for me and ma’iingan this week. Lucky for me, he’s sled-trained. We can speedily zip from blog to blog with ease. If you have read White Wolf and the Ash Princess–thank you for taking the time to read Izzy’s story. If you haven’t, I’d love for you to check it out! Just a warning: you’re in for a ride–just like ma’iingan and I are in for this week.

White Wolf isn’t your typical read. I like to think of the book as a cute, stray mutt. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s inspirational, it’s historical, it has as touch of steampunk invention, adventure, mystery– and the characters–I love them all to pieces! I can’t wait for you to meet them. The best way to experience it fully and to see what a  “mutt” book is all about is to get your nose down in the pages. I’ll bet you one of Miss Margaret’s yummy, buttery biscuits that there is a piece of your preferred genre in there somewhere!


Here is the synopsis for White Wolf and the Ash Princess.

Amazon // Goodreads

Eighteen year old Izzy’s limited world begins to feel cramped after she completes her self-appointed book dare. After reading two-hundred and fifty books, a thought that had been once tucked away as tightly as the books on her library shelves becomes too irresistible to ignore…”Who am I?”

Memory loss prohibits Izzy from remembering her life before age seven when she was injured in a fire. Jonathan Gudwyne and his head housekeeper rescued her and took Izzy in as their own, but who did she belong to before they took her in?

Crippling panic keeps Izzy from wandering beyond the stables but Tubs, the Gudwyne’s young stable boy, encourages Izzy to go beyond the property’s rock wall to a world that promises possible answers, but also great danger. A scorched castle in the woods and a mysterious cellar filled with secrets sets Izzy on a path to the New World, where she will not only have to face her own terror but face the people responsible for her scars.

It is here, in the untamed wilds of the seventeenth century that she finds love and a home in the most unexpected of places.


Tammy, what is a little bit of history about this book? What inspired WWatAP and what drove you to write this story?

Let me tell you–I’m a storyteller by nature, not a writer. At. All. Most of my early stories were just scribbled notes on scrap pieces of paper to help me keep my verbal stories on track. It was my son’s One Year Adventure Novel course that encouraged me to try to write one down. Ask me if I feel worthy or smart enough to author a book and I’ll tell you each time–nope! God gets all the praise and glory for this work.

What inspired the story? Three things, basically. My childhood, the first ten years of my marriage to my husband and a white wolf in a zoo in the upper peninsula of Michigan. White Wolf and the Ash Princess is a complex work to me. There is pieces of me and my story woven into every chapter.

My childhood:

I was sexually abused from 5-16. I picked the most traumatic time in our American history to mirror what happened to me. Izzy’s physical scars are for my readers to picture how I used to see myself in the mirror every time I looked into it. I was afraid others would see–but no one ever did. My secret remained locked tight inside of me until my thirties.

My early years of marriage:

Izzy and Jonathan were together for 11 years before drastic changes happened to their friendship. My husband and I were married 10 years before I fully came out with the severity of my abuse. Drastic changes happened in our marriage, too. For the better.

Izzy describes Jonathan’s secret keeping as “building a wall”. Secrets do that. They seperate. My wall was knocked down the wall the day I took my secret to my husband. Jonathan has yet to do that. I have had girls tell me they hate Jonathan. They hate his secrets. They hate what he did to Izzy. I guess I did my job portraying the dangers of secret keeping. The people who keep secrets to protect their loved ones don’t mean to, but they end up hurting the very people they are trying to protect. Their silence is alienating. It is often times misunderstood and it doesn’t protect anyone. Izzy says it best in the last chapter of White Wolf.

“Keeping a secret is like raising a dragon. They start out innocent enough but they grow. Wicked teeth grow through naked gums, claws grow from tiny fingers and whipping wings grow from infant sails.”

The Garlyn Zoo white wolf:

I can’t remember the first time I saw him. It has to be over six years ago–the book is a little past five. He was trotting around his enclosure, zig-zagging with his tongue bobbing off to the side. I was smitten by him and my family let me stand there a watch him. I knew he had a place in my story. In the original draft, I let Izzy name him. In the final, I chose not too. I wanted ma’iingan to remain wild to show that his taming wasn’t done by Izzy. It was a miraculous intervention done by our Creator to show His might and power. Our Lord can do anything. We must never put limits on Him. Just like our pasts. Just like forgiveness. Is there any one of us that is so broken that He cannot put back together? Is there anyone of us that his sinned to the extent that we don’t fall under his grace. Nope! For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. With Him the impossible does not exist. Everything is possible.


Who did your swoon worthy cover? Just so you know, the cover instantly drew me in when I saw this on the Indie Author site, and the rest is history. Also, the first line of the synopsis about memory loss, and I was HOOKED! The book did not disappoint! I couldn’t stop reading it!

Thanks, Victoria! I actually had two covers and this one is my second. I hired someone to do my first edition cover. He did an amazing job and I loved it to pieces! Ma’iingan was smack dab in the front laying inside a forest of dark trees and everything was this pretty teal color. I found out six months after I published my book that these were all fantasy elements. Ooops! For those who have read White Wolf know this is the one genre that it isn’t (though, with the Native folklore, I guess you could kinda stretch it to make it fit–maybe). This summer I worked on  rebranding White Wolf and with the help of my bestie, we came up with the design you see today. I fought tooth and nail against having Izzy on the front, but my friend found this picture and both of us were sold instantly. She has a dreamy look about her. This girl could totally be Izzy, leaning against the library window and completely lost in her book.


Nature and the beauty of it plays a big part in your book, Tammy. Where is your favorite place to be out in nature? Could you explain a bit about your fascination with birch? 😀

My favorite place to be in nature would be the upper peninsula. My family and I are trying to move here as we speak. The U.P. has so many wild and rugged parts, just like Part Two of my book. Waterfalls, pines, beaches, BIRCH TREEEEESSS!! I love birch trees because they stick out in the forest. There is no other tree like it. It’s kind of like how we are. We are all unique individuals with our own story. The white of the birch is exceptionally beautiful in winter against the snow. It’s so cool to think that this is what Christ does to us when we ask him to take our burdens and wash us clean from our sins–or wash us clean from our pasts. Birch trees will continue to be important in the world of White Wolf. Jonathan Gudwyne will get his chance to win over his female haters and tell his story. I get to sit back and let him speak in Letters from the Dragon’s Son. I can’t wait to someday soon share his inspiring yet heartbreaking story with you.


Speaking of Birch, you all will simply have to check out the giveaway items Tammy has so graciously decided to give to three lucky winners. They are stunning!

Giveaway take 3


First Prize: One autographed paperback copy of White Wolf and the Ash Princess.

Second Prize: One Birch necklace inspired by the book and handmade by Tammy

Third Prize: One Birch Bookmark inspired by the book and handmade by Tammy.

To enter: follow the directions on the rafflecopter giveaway. I made this so anyone can enter, whether you have facebook or not. 😀


Rules: Only open to USA entrants. But don’t despair if you are international. Tammy has graciously offered to giveaway one ebook copy to an international entrant!

Giveaway ends Midnight Easter Time zone, February 8th, the last day of the tour.

Enter away! There are many different ways to earn points!


Info on the author:


Tammy lives in Lower Michigan with her husband and her three children. Izzy’s home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Munising) is where she and her family enjoy exploring. Tammy enjoys hiking, kayaking, beach wandering, “hunting” for birch bark and hopes to someday find a porcupine quill. White Wolf and the Ash Princess is her first novel. She is published in Keys for Kids and has been in children’s ministry for over twenty years.

If you would like to connect with Tammy, here are all of the ways you can do so! If you have any questions or thoughts on the book, she would love it if you contacted her! Messages from readers are like chocolate. An author can never have too many!


Tour Schedule for the Day:

Kellyn Roth (review) Reverie’s Reviews

Abigayle Claire (review or spotlight) The Left Handed Typist


Thank you so much for joining me Tammy and introducing yourself to the readers! I look forward to chatting with you again, later this week!


Thanks, Victoria! I can’t wait to chat and meet with all the people you have lined up! I’m also so excited to introduce White Wolf and the Ash Princess to the readers. Reader, I’d love to meet and talk with you. Please, drop me a line on any of my media outlets and say hi! Hugs, all! It’s going to be an amazing week!

14 thoughts on “White Wolf and the Ash Princess Blog Tour Kick-Off

  1. I’m looking forward to giving this a try someday! It looks intriguing!

    It was so great to “meet” you, Tammy! It’s so awesome that you’ve bravely put yourself out there to write and publish a novel . . . and that you’re an OYAN mom! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mary!! Writing and publishing definitely was a challenge! OYAN was super cool in making the process seem less intimidating.

      My son wrote a dragon legend for Jonathan’s story and it’s laced through the book so I get to feature a fellow “OYANer”! I’m SuPeR ExCiTeD about the coming sequel, Letters from the Dragon’s Son.

      Yes! Please try to read White Wolf! Opinions are high on the flavor and style and I love all the chatter about how different it is! Embrace your differences. Don’t be afraid of them. ❤ Use them for Him and watch them sparkle! Haha! My mama thought of the day! 😂 Hugs, Mary! Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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