Writing Prompt 055: Part 2


Character: Second from the left.

Line to include:  “Did you just-” “Yep.” “But wasn’t that-” “Yep.” “Will you just-” “Nope.”


Lissie rubbed her hands together in front of the fire. She was more scared than she cared to admit. She had been through a lot. She missed her mother and father and all of her younger siblings. She took a deep breath. She had to be strong. She hated the thought of leaving her younger siblings behind. They had no idea where they were, and time was short, she knew in her mind that there was no way they could safely find them all right now. But her heart begged otherwise. If only it were more simple. But this whole thing was so complicated. She remembered the lighthearted times they had had together as a family before papa and mama died. It was dim, but she could still hear the faint laughter and the sounds of them all playing a game together. She remembered the day she had found her father. She had been the one to discover him lying dead on the ground beneath the haymow. She had been out searching for eggs and stumbled across his body, laying haphazard like a ragdoll and his skin so white beneath the tan. She had stood frozen to the spot, unable to look away from the gruesome sight. Her breath wouldn’t come to her lungs and she longed to scream.

She shook her head to clear the sight that was seared on her memory like a brand on a horse. She needed to keep her mind clear and on other things. God was in control, though it was hard to tell sometimes. She needed to keep believing that. If she didn’t, she knew she would rather die. She stood abruptly and Liam looked up, startled from his intent thoughts.

“I am going to walk around and see how everyone is doing.”

He nodded and looked back into the fire.

She wandered around the campsite. They were hidden in a little hollow surrounded by bushes. A place that she believed the Lord had made just for them.

She passed between the bedrolls of Cassie and Genna, two of the girls that had joined their travels. She looked up from the sleeping faces in time to see Jack, the most incorrigible of the boys drop something that looked like it had small legs into his mouth. Miller, a dark haired boy with a disgusted look turned away swallowing hard. She could tell he was trying not to gag. If Jack had just eaten what she thought he did, then she might gag as well.

“Jack, Did you just-”


“But wasn’t that-”


“Will you just-”


Lissie sighed and rolled her eyes, her stomach roiling. Maybe it was better that he not answer. They were all hungry, but the sight of him eating that frog had chased away any desire for food from her stomach.

You can read Part one here. Part Three coming next week! It might be late, but you will still get it. Open-mouthed smile

By God’s Grace,


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