White Wolf and the Ash Princess Day 3 // Guest Review

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Today I have a special guest who wrote a review of White Wolf and the Ash Princess. Seneca’s blog is under construction, so she agreed to guest post on Ruffles and Grace today! I hope you enjoy her review, and be sure to check out the other participants today as well. AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! Smile

But without further ado, here is Seneca!


White Wolf and the Ash Princess. I’d vigorously avoided reading reviews, spoilers, and everything else- and the title stuck me in a fantasy mindset.

Oh, I’m so glad I was wrong. Historical fiction is my third favorite genre, and fantasy is somewhere way farther down the list.

Doing my best to avoid spoilers, but we’ll see….

Favorite things-

The characters voices. They were flawed. And real. And they all had secrets.

      Izzy, the manipulative, spoilt, obnoxious lady who is thrown into a world she couldn’t remember. It changes her. She learns to work, to think, to love, to cry. She learns to live.

     Jonathan, the fool, the secret keeper, bearer of too many cruel scars. This kid came from so much, and did the best he could. His dragons are terrifying, but I trust he can tame them.

      Tubs- the angel, the teacher, the kid. The friend who does everything he can to heal you, who would sacrifice anything to make you happy- all unwittingly. It’s just part of him.

      Ms. Margaret- the mother, the workaholic, the lost woman, trying to make up for a lifetime of scraped knees by raising royalty.

      Mikonan- the believer, the healer, the broken. Saves his sister, always forgiving, but cannot save or forgive himself.

      Gikto- the owlish, the brilliant, the friend. Sacrifices his duty for someone he barely knows, out of the truest love.

     Avery- wandering, lonely, scared. Knows he’s forgiven, but struggling with what forgiveness is like.

And the setting! I loved the setting. I loved the plot. I LOVED THE TREES. In short, I loved a lot about this book.


     For the first half of the book was disjointed, hard to follow, and a trifle boring. Honestly, I lost who was speaking and what was happening so many times I nearly gave up. But Don’t! give up! The second half is great!

     Jared was too evil. He needed- like one redeemable characteristic? And he was also the only permanently evil character – everyone knows there must have been more of his kind somewhere.

     Izzy had a wonderful and fully believable redemption arc. But I feel like we missed the actual moment? Maybe I missed it. One chapter she’s still completely pigheaded, the next she’s got things straightened out.

     I understand the author’s motives for a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. But they started to bother me a little bit. Cliffhangers are great, but flow is great too!


Thank goodness there’s a sequel! I need a sequel! Perhaps this wasn’t my absolute favorite, but now that we’re really into the story- I can’t wait!

Oh, and Mrs. Lash, here’s a list of what I need if you don’t mind!

      Tubs- a little Ottawa boy who One of our loner-male-characters adopts-ish.

      Izzy as a mom.


     I’d say we need more from Johnathan, but that’s already going to be there…

     More wolves and dragon-references.

     Keep up the trees!

     Gikto as a dad or adoptive dad.

And more small children! I need more kids!


There you have it y’all! I hope you won’t just take out word for it and read the book yourself. It is definitely worth the time. ❤


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Rules: Only open to USA entrants. But don’t despair if you are international. Tammy has graciously offered to giveaway one ebook copy to an international entrant!

Giveaway ends Midnight Easter Time zone, February 8th, the last day of the tour.

Enter away! There are many different ways to earn points!

Info on the author:


Tammy lives in Lower Michigan with her husband and her three children. Izzy’s home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Munising) is where she and her family enjoy exploring. Tammy enjoys hiking, kayaking, beach wandering, “hunting” for birch bark and hopes to someday find a porcupine quill. White Wolf and the Ash Princess is her first novel. She is published in Keys for Kids and has been in children’s ministry for over twenty years.

If you would like to connect with Tammy, here are all of the ways you can do so! If you have any questions or thoughts on the book, she would love it if you contacted her! Messages from readers are like chocolate. An author can never have too many!

Tour Schedule for the Day:

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We have another review coming up tomorrow, so don’t miss it!

By God’s Grace,


6 thoughts on “White Wolf and the Ash Princess Day 3 // Guest Review

  1. Seneca…girl…*high five*! You saw the characters! *Whoop* *twirl* *happy claps*! Your descriptions gave me chills. 💗

    I love your wish list! I wish I could spill all my secrets, but I can’t. 😭 I hope I don’t explode!😁 We’ll both have to wait until Letters from the Dragon’s Son to see if I’m your fairy godmother or not! 😂

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your review and coming over to hang out with us today! Hugs.


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