HACKED POST \\ Victoria’s Birthday

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Hey y’all!

This is Sarah Grace. I’m Victoria’s younger, but taller (shh, don’t tell her that; she’ll deny it.) sister, and I hacked her blog for a very special occasion.


Some of you might have known, but most of you probably didn’t know that today is Victoria’s birthday. And since she wouldn’t think of bragging on herself, I shall for her. 😀

If you’ve been reading her blog for any length of time, you should know that Victoria is a very special lady. She’s my best friend, and has been for as long as I can remember. She’s five years older than me, and while a lot of sisters that much older than their younger sister would probably treat said little sister like a little sister, Victoria never has. She treats me as an equal, and as her best friend. We’re practically twins (and with our younger sister, triplets). (Fun fact, multiple people have asked if we’re twins . . . and even our own brothers can’t keep the two of us straight.) 

No, we haven’t always gotten along. We fought a lot (and still do on occasion), and we definitely have plenty of things we disagree on. But I wouldn’t trade having Victoria as a best friend and sister for anything in the world. I know that’s a cliche, but I don’t mean it lightly.

I know she’s always there for me, always got my back. She always encourages me in my endeavors. She is incredibly good at making me laugh. And one of the things I love most (although if I’m being honest I don’t always at the time) is that she loves me enough to protect me and if I’m heading off the straight and narrow, she’s quick to lovingly slap me on the back of the head and set me straight. Very lovingly, of course. 😉


Happy birthday, Victoria! I love you loads, and don’t ever doubt it! ❤ Hugs!


28 thoughts on “HACKED POST \\ Victoria’s Birthday

  1. Awww – this was so sweet – YOU are so sweet, Sarah Grace. ❤

    Happy birthday, dear Victoria! I am so grateful for your friendship – what a precious girl you are! Thank you for being your beautiful, kind, encouraging, energetic, funny and amazing self! May God's blessings shower you and may His hand continue to guide you in this new, exciting year!



  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTORIA!!!!! I have always loved looking at your blog!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this, Sarah!! That was awesome of you!


  3. Awww, such a sweet post, Sarah Grace!! Me and my sister are the same way – great friends, but still have arguments!! 😉
    Happy Birthday, Victoria!!! I hope you had a lovely day! *hugs* ❤


  4. Happiest of birthdays to you, Victoria! And also thank you for all the posts and cheerfulness you bring to the blogging world!

    I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter and thankfulness!

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  5. Happy birthday Victoria!! I can definitely relate to having a close relationship with a younger sister…and my younger sister is also taller than me (I’ll admit it *groans*)

    Liked by 1 person

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