Why I Chose To Publish With Createspace

Why I Chose To Publish With

*disclaimer* I have only used Createspace, so I can’t really speak knowledgeably about the other companies out there. I just am explaining why I chose Createspace and what some of the Pros and Cons were for myself.

There are a few reasons for this blog post. I feel like people as me a lot why I chose to self-publish, and that is kind of a different post all-together. However, why I chose Createspace in particular to self-publish is the topic of this post.

Reason number 1

The main thing that drew me to Createspace is that they are a company owned by amazon and once your book is published, it is available on Amazon for sale.

Amazon is unarguably the biggest online marketplace in the world. So many countries have access to it, and while my goal isn’t necessarily to sell books to Mongolia, the store is huge. The likelihood of people seeing it was far higher with Amazon than it was with setting up my own store, or with selling exclusively on a sight like Lulu or Barnes and Noble. Also, for Createspace, you have the option to sell at other places and venues as well. They give you the option to make your book available on other book consumer sites such as Barnes and Noble.

Reason number 2

Createspace also has a professional look to the finished product. I have numerous Indie published books on my shelf from various publishers. For instance, I have been able to compare Createspace books to Lulu books. I have found, that in my humble opinion, the Createspace books have a more professional look with arguably a bit more customization than competing sites. And while some of this relies on the formatting work done, some of it is also a quality issue. I have not tried Lulu or any other sites specifically myself, but I have seen other books that have been published through those sites. The quality just wasn’t the same and I liked the options better from Createspace. When I asked a friend who used Lulu about some of the layout and formatting issues that I noticed in her book, she had expressed to me the fact that some of it was because of Lulu’s guidelines.

Reason number 3.

The ease with which revenue and pricing works on Amazon really helped influence my decision as well. With Lulu, you go through Lulu, THEN amazon if you choose to sell there (which, why wouldn’t you?). Amazon was a company that is large, has millions of people using it and I trusted them to be honorable about funds and I have had no reason to change my mind. They are up front with what your royalty is per book, how much they make etc, and I liked knowing where my money came from and exactly how much they took so I could calculate a price with their calculator so that I earned what I thought I needed while still pricing it competitively, which brings me to my last reason.

Reason number 4

Competition. Amazon probably sells the most books and has the largest eBook provider. Kindles are more prevalent than nooks or iPhone readers. It’s just a statistics thing and I wanted to be competitive. The insanely massive number of authors who sell on amazon makes it a place of knowledge. I am able to price my books in a way that I know is competitive with the market. I can choose a genre or a subject for my book and tag it with other books that are in similar lists (which make it easier for customers to find).

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a review of Createspace, but personally, I have enjoyed working with them and I don’t plan to change that. Unless I were to traditionally publish of course. Not only do I like them for the reasons above, but they are also an honest company. I had a slightly damaged shipment that arrived strangely late last time, and when I contacted customer support, they were able to remedy the problem and send me replacement books. I appreciated the fact that they handled it so well, and even though I had a hiccup in my service, they made it right.

If you have any questions about publishing with Createspace, I would love to talk with you further! You can contact me through my contact page. I love using Createspace and after two times walking myself through the process, I have learned some ins and outs of the website and how it works and what it requires. I would love to be of service to anyone who is in the shoes I was in several years ago. Not knowing where to start or how to go about publishing their book. So, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

By God’s Grace,


3 thoughts on “Why I Chose To Publish With Createspace

  1. This is very useful! =D I was chatting with a friend about how she used Createspace and I knew of a few options it had vs. Lulu (I used Lulu to print my novel for fun/editing) but I’m very interested in trying Createspace from now on. I like the matte option in printing and if I learn more about it before I actually publish with Amazon it’d be best. 😛
    Thanks Victoria!!

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  2. I’m pretty much leaning towards creatspace for the same reason. I hear that bookstores don’t like to have books by createspace, but milk and honey was published on createspace before a bigger publisher made it into a million copies. This was insightful


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