Enjoy this installment of the Very Awesome Vlog Challenge hosted by Ivy Rose from Lakeside Publications. I had fun with these questions! I will post the questions below the video. I would love to hear your answers. Open-mouthed smile


Questions for VAVC #8, January – March

1. Do you believe that anyone can be a writer?

2. What is your ideal reading spot?

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?


By God’s Grace,


2 thoughts on “VAVC #8

  1. Short videos would be more of a draw for me. 🙂 I often don’t have the time or the desire to watch a longer video, but under 5 minutes I could probably do more often.
    That was fun to watch.
    As a writing teacher, I agree. Yes, everyone CAN be a writer, but not everyone SHOULD be a writer. 🙂


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