Writing Prompt 061: Part 8


Line to include: “I have an idea.” “That’s stupid.” “I haven’t even said it yet!”


“I have an idea!” Cassie felt excited as she announced to the world her thought

“That’s stupid.” Jack spoke and turned away.

“I haven’t even said it yet!” She glared at him and folded her arms.

“What is it Cassie?” Liam asked.

“What if we got rid of all of our tags? We are trying to leave the country aren’t we? We won’t need them where we are going. We could leave them somewhere else and throw anyone who could be following us off our trail.”Read More »

Writing Prompt 060: Part 7

MILLER: 7th Character from the left.
Phrase to Include: “This is bad.” “You said that already.” “It seemed worth repeating.”


Miller shook out his blanket and folded it just so. He sighed, it was still dark outside and he was so not ready to get this show on the road. He just wanted to curl his aching muscles back up and go to sleep for a year. He stuffed the now folded small blanket into his pack and pulled his black coat closer around his shoulders. He looked up to see that annoying twit named Cassie bat her long lashes at him and giggle. He hated when girls giggled. So irritating. He rolled his eyes and turned away, hoisting his pack to his back.

“Hold up Miller! I need you to carry these please.” Read More »

Childlike Faith

Childlike Faith

My post a few weeks ago about why I’m not depressed on Valentine’s day sums up and glanced over a topic that is very important to me. My faith in God over providing my spouse.

When people question my belief in that, I always say, God created the world, He set everything in motion and with all of that, I think He is pretty capable of picking providing my spouse for me. I know that He has a unique story for each of us. My faith has been built most recently by the stories around me, however, even before then, I had no doubt that in God’s perfect timing, and in His own perfect way, He would provide my husband for me. Read More »